Quality CPA network Advertstar, earnings on the affiliate program

With affiliate programs you can make money on the Internet, even if you do not have your own website. Of course, if you have a website, it is much easier and easier to attract traffic, but this is not a must.

What should I do first to start earning on affiliate programs? Find favorable terms and find suitable partner offers for a certain type of traffic.

You can find many different offers by using the network. This project contains a large number of offers, and also has a huge popularity and a lot of positive feedback.

Quality CPA network Advertstar, earnings on the affiliate program

The best CPA network

The high-quality CPA network Advertstar has been operating since 2012 and differs from similar resources in its attractive and unusual design . Beautiful design, this is not the only plus of this network, besides this it stands out:

  • the possibility of conducting test companies;
  • convenient statistics system;
  • intuitively clear interface;
  • high level of security;
  • a large number of individual offers;
  • there is a manager for each user;
  • there is a flexible discount system;
  • a lot of useful tools;
  • payouts without a hold;
  • a huge number of formats of promotional materials.

With this service, a huge number of users are already earning, you can do it too, all that is required is to go through a simple registration. After it, you will get access to all offers and be able to connect to affiliate conditions. For example, let's consider 2 profitable offers.

1. Online store Lasumka.
From the name of the store, you can guess that they are selling bags and accessories. Anyone can connect to their offer and receive 520 rubles for the paid order. The remuneration is substantial, and you can use almost all options as a source of traffic:

Quality CPA network Advertstar, earnings on the affiliate program

As you see, it is allowed not only to attract customers from sites, but also from social networks, doorways, articles in information goods, as well as using traffic arbitration (you can learn more about arbitration from the article Traffic Arbitrage or Binary Options). As for promotional materials, for this you are invited to a huge number of banners with different sizes.

2. Online game Panzar.
If you are a fan of online games, you probably already heard the name of this game. On Advertstar there is an offer, thanks to which you can earn money by attracting players to this game.

Quality CPA network Advertstar, earnings on the affiliate program

You will receive 54 rubles for registering a player, and if he actively plays, your reward will increase by 225 rubles. Please note that traffic is received from many countries, this is a huge plus. As for traffic sources, it is forbidden to use contextual advertising, doorway and Email newsletters, but you can use arbitration and social networks.

By inviting players or customers to various games, services, online stores and other projects, you can receive substantial payments. Sign up for Advertstar, choose an offer, connect to it and start inviting people, this way of earning can bring you decent money.

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