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Back in November of last year, Random published an up-to-date post about how and where to look for fat backlinks. I would like to pay special attention to the very first item in that post. Let me quote it:

Remember the names of famous brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Intel, IBM, etc., write down their list and find their official sites. In all likelihood, they will all have Google PR 8-9, which is great. Now open Google in firefox with seokveykom, write site: samsung. com and in turn we sign the options: "add comment", "post comment", "post a reply", etc. It is easy to notice by issue if we find blogs or articles with the possibility of commenting. We check PR by seokveyk and sort by descending. Do not forget to visit the found links and check the pages for nofollow. If not, write some clever comment, put links to yourself and rejoice.

I liked this item right away, but an obstacle to making any efforts in this direction, like any Internet idler, was a mere trifle: the need to remember and write down those very names of famous brands 🙂

But the solution was found, and the solution turned out to be very simple (thanks to SeoMOZ): in order to reveal the high-profile, authoritative websites, you just need to type in the Google search query inurl: www inurl: com site: com .

If you search for sites for this query through Russian or Ukrainian Google, get a bunch of non-English sites (although this may be what you need нужно). To make the issue was purely English, search through the Garrett toolbar or via Google, which Hot Trends offers us. I went to the 10th page of the issue purely for the experiment and found the official website of Ericsson c PR8 there.

Yes, and do not forget to read the Random post completely - you will surely discover something new in the field of link building.


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