Proxy Checker - to find fast proxies

Many different programs have been invented to help Internet users cope with various tasks.

Proxies are used to privately visit the Internet, use different programs, enable bots, and so on. There is a lot of software for working with proxies, but not so many quality tools.

How to find the fastest proxies? Finding available proxy servers is easy; their lists are updated daily on thousands of different sites.

Some of them quickly stop working, and some are so slow that they are not suitable even for solving simple tasks, so you have to use filters.

Proxy Checker - to find fast proxies

This simple program is distributed on the Internet for free and made in a huge number of different versions.

Regardless of which version you download, you can download the assembled proxy list and find the fastest servers. You can download from the file, you do not have to transfer anything manually.

After downloading the proxy list, run the check and after a while, a table will appear with a column indicating the speed:

Proxy Checker - to find fast proxies

As you can see, the program immediately determines the country of the server , and in the last column gives its speed.

You can sort the records by the last value, or you can apply filters. After that, the data is easily transferred to a text document and can be downloaded.

With the help of Proxy Checker, you can also monitor proxies that no longer work in order to remove them from the database. Every time you need to use remote servers, first run the program and find the fastest proxies, as their speed is constantly changing.

For similar purposes, you can use the GatherProxy Scraper program. It is somewhat more complicated, but there are more functions in it (speed is also determined).

Using such programs as Proxy Checker you save a lot of time and absolutely free , you can improve the usability of the proxy server database.

For experienced users, this utility will definitely come in handy, especially if you have to connect to remote servers on a daily basis.

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