Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

More and more people are beginning to engage in the extraction of cryptocurrency, because they believe in the prospects for the development of this technology.

In 2017, there was indeed a sharp rise in courses, someone managed to make millions on it, all is not lost. Everyone has a chance to make a profit, even without doing anything.

Cloud mining - where to invest money? There are new companies that open real farms, buy equipment and offer to rent their capacity. It is beneficial to them, because such a business entails huge costs.

In addition to buying equipment, it still needs to be serviced, to pay for electricity, and so on.

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

Should I invest in cloud mining?

Some users are sure that it is better to spend money on the purchase of equipment and to independently generate cryptocurrency.

Gone are the days when it was possible to collect a lot of coins from a home PC, now the complexity has increased several times, so you have to open full-fledged farms.

This is not an easy task, you need not only to understand the technology, but also to spend huge start-up capital.

In addition to the equipment itself, the costs go to the premises for its installation, the organization of the cooling system, the constant consumption of electricity, the improvement of software and much more.

Not everybody can afford such a thing, but it’s easy to rent a hashrate. Why entrepreneurs do it, we have already explained, they have their own benefits. What kind of advantages do investors get?

  • you don’t have to figure it out for yourself;
  • the setup takes a few minutes, the first cryptocurrencies are charged in a day
  • users have a wide choice of companies and algorithms;
  • profitability is not the highest, the calculation is long-term;
  • if cryptocurrency rates go up, it will bring more profit;
  • it is possible to simultaneously extract several cryptocurrency at once;
  • actually start without any investment at all (but very difficult).

Passive earnings always remain interesting, if only because you don’t have to do anything to make a profit. The main thing is not to lose the company’s choice, because there are too many scammers in this niche.

How much should I invest in cloud mining?

There are no financial restrictions. The minimum amount is so small that they can not be taken into account. At least 10 $ -20 $ is enough to test every cloud mining service.

The average yield in such systems varies from 135% to 200% per year . You need to understand that with such rates a big plus can only come out with an impressive start-up capital.

It is only for you to decide how much to invest in cloud mining, the more you invest, the more you get later.

Use only free money, there are risks in this type of investment (the rate of cryptocurrency will fall, the equipment on the farm will break down, the percentage of profitability will decrease, etc.).

How to choose the cloud mining service correctly?

It will be difficult for a beginner to decide on a site to make money, because now there are countless of them. Professionals recommend dividing start-up capital into several projects and thereby reducing risks.

However, it is worth using the services of far from all companies. When choosing , rely on 4 important factors:

  1. Openness - the company should not hide anything from its customers. Therefore, on their website should be posted photos, be sure to keep a blog, real contacts, information about employees and much more.
  2. Term of work - cloud mining technologies have recently reached the trends, therefore the lifetime of the service is the most important parameter. The bigger it is, the better.
  3. Capacities - the site must contain information on what capacities the company has. It may look like a normal counter or as the maximum value when you make contracts.
  4. Available currencies - it is desirable to use multicurrency services. It is better to mine different types of coins, it also increases safety. With sharp changes in rates, do not stay with an empty pocket.

Experienced investors check everything thoroughly before investing their money in any system. They pay attention not only to these factors, take into account other nuances.

Beginners should read reviews, they are often presented with real data, and not those shown on the websites of cloud mining companies.

How to start cloud mining without investments?

Many different systems have been created through which you can collect crypto money without a penny of investments. See 4 ways of earning Bitcoin, the same methods are suitable for other cryptocurrencies. Save will take a long time, be prepared for this.

The second way to start without investing in mining is to use affiliate programs.

In all systems, referral networks operate, attract people and get interest from their deposits or income. The matter is also not easy, because it is quite difficult to convince a person of the profitability of this method.

On sites with cloud mining there are no restrictions on the type of traffic, so you can use any means of recruiting referrals.

There is only one interesting service where you can really start cloud mining without your own investments. It is called and there is a bonus available every day. In fact, a regular tap, but the bonus is charged in the currency that you chose as the main one in your account:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

This system supports all known currencies and you can receive any of them by cloud mining. In the Faucet section, you need to enter a captcha, a daily bonus is charged for this:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

Do not count on a large freebie, taps pay small amounts. For example, we chose the main currency USD and collected a gift:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

It turned out to be a half-cent, with this money it’s definitely not possible to launch profitable cloud mining. That is why it is better to immediately replenish the balance on the site.

This is done simply, in the section with deposits you need to generate the address of the wallet to which you want to transfer money and transfer the coins:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

Top up your balance or decide to start without investments, you need to exchange all funds for hashrate. To do this, go to the Exchange section and select the SHA-256 4. 0 tariff with a contract term of 5 years (it is the most profitable):

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

Change the currency for power and immediately get passive income. The system calculates the expected profit, it remains only to wait for a large amount to withdraw. If you start without investments, then it is better not to think about profit at all, it will be insignificant.

On the other hand, you can easily make sure that the system is working and calculate the real percentage of profitability.

Cloud mining 2017 from Hashflare

Of all the earning projects on cloud mining, only a single system falls under all selection parameters.

The service is called, and on the site you can read a blog, look at equipment photos, evaluate available capacities, prices and available cryptocurrencies, even without registration.

About this site in the network the most positive reviews. The main algorithm that customers use is Scrypt, to mine Bitcoins:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

They have another proposal for collecting BTC, but currently available no contracts. They are concluded for a year, judging by the reviews, the average yield in the system is about 15% per month.

In addition to this offer, there are contracts for the extraction of DASH and Ethereum. They are used less often, because Bitcoin is more credible:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

But there is no maintenance fee and the minimum amounts are lower. However, it is up to you to decide what to get through the purchased hash rate and which algorithm to connect to.

The connection is made in a few simple steps, and the payments come instantly. And they are allowed to order at least every day.

Verified Cryptotek cloud mining services

Unlike similar projects, this one was created by a company that deals not only with mining. American company, but the Russian version of the site is. What areas are they developing in?

  • development of software for mining;
  • development of new equipment for mining;
  • contributions to promising start-ups;
  • cryptocurrency trading;
  • promotion of own cryptocurrency.

The company is ready to conclude a real contract with the client, all questions can be asked in technical support, it is responsive. In addition to mining Bitcoins, other crypto coins are available here. For the year with some of them, it’s really possible to reach a yield of over 200%:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

Such a calculator is on the main page. You can see the yield on DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins. Affiliate program they have the most profitable.

First, you will receive 5% of deposits, but as the total turnover increases, this figure may increase to 14%. Start inviting investors right now and start without investments.

Old, proven, reliable cloud mining from MinerGate

The last project that we highly recommend using is this. He deserved great popularity for the created software.

A simple and convenient program allows you to earn crypto money from any device. It was installed by hundreds of thousands of users, each deciding which coins to collect.

Only in the program there is a choice of cryptocurrency, only bitcoins are mined here during cloud mining.

After the classic registration, you can go to the Cloud Mining tab and select the amount of capacity to rent.Unfortunately, you will have to transfer funds to BTC, you can’t refill your account with dollars:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

Deposit any amount, download the mobile application and, from anywhere, you can watch how BTC appears in your account. In this system, there is also a calculator for calculating the expected profit:

Proven cloud mining services, without attachments

You only need to enter how much you plan to rent the capacity and the system will immediately calculate how much profit will be released per day, week or month. Interest rates are the lowest here, but the project is stable, I have been earning with it for several years.

As for the affiliate program, the system is ready to give up to 75% of its income, you can also earn money without investments.

Other sites for earning on cloud mining

All services presented above are proven and stable. On each of them I am registered and constantly receive payments. However, users recommend other cloud mining.

Judging by the reviews, in some of them the yield is even higher. There must always be a choice, therefore we will briefly consider and analogs:

  1. - production is carried out using the SHA-256 algorithm, the average yield is 92% per annum. The indicator is not the highest, but it is one of the first cloud mining services in RuNet. Funds are accrued daily, the minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 30, you can replenish the balance with a bank card.
  2. - cloud mining with floating yield. Resource quality, but will have to understand the interface. In addition to offering rental capacity, they also accept user equipment into the system. The minimum deposit is 0. 005 BTC, you can choose the pool yourself.
  3. - the company is the owner of several data centers at once. They use modern equipment, extract the maximum possible Bitcoins. The site contains a large list of algorithms used, and the purchased capacity is easy to sell through a special exchange.
  4. - constantly falls into the ratings of cloud mining services. Here, customers extract BTC with leased equipment. There is a Russian language and video instruction for beginners. In fact, this is a reseller working with major companies, but the conditions are favorable.
  5. is a foreign service with the most interesting design. Users note a convenient control panel, as well as the opportunity to watch the broadcast online from the data center. The minimum deposit amount is 0. 001 BTC, and payments can be made automatically.
  6. - in 2015, they launched this interesting project. Let you not afraid of the concentration of advertising on it, customers receive payments consistently. The most interesting thing is that contracts are closed only after the user has doubled their money.

In fact, there are many more such systems. However, we will not advertise completely young projects or outright scam. At least you can find reviews, instructions and other information on these sites.

A competent investor always distributes his capital in several directions. With

you can invest in the promotion of well-known sites.

About cloud mining, online reviews appear online. Someone happy with the profit, someone complains of low profitability or scam. In any case, it is worth trying this method, because it is not just that it won such popularity all over the world.

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