Protection of content from copying, authorship in search engines

Far from all site owners are honest webmasters and create content on their own or buy it.

Some fill their resources with copied texts, and they try to make their articles indexed faster on their website , identifying the site of the original source.

Already now, so-called grabbers are massively distributed, which use news feeds of resources and immediately after the appearance of new materials copy them. It is almost impossible to protect oneself from these programs, as they are well thought out, but there are several options to protect against such phenomena.

Protection of content from copying, authorship in search engines

Copy content, what to do?

The most effective copy protection of content is high indexing speed. To increase the speed of indexation, you can run new articles through Twitter, on the service.

If new materials from your resource are quickly indexed, scammers simply won't be able to steal information, and after placing their sites will fall under the filters for copy-paste.

To make new materials faster indexed, do the following:

  • install a sitemap;
  • use ping services;
  • post material announcements (for example, in social networks);
  • set up robots. txt;
  • set links to new articles (you can buy links);
  • add content steadily.

Achieving high indexing speed is not at all difficult; the main thing is to actively work on filling the resource.

Protection of content from copying, authorship in search engines

Search Engine Writer

Another great option to protect against intruders is to warn the search engines in advance about adding new materials. Google uses the social network Google+ for this so that when you add new material it will be assigned to your profile.

Yandex has a special service. Previously, it was necessary to collect 10 TIC to use it, now this restriction has been removed.

Internal links.
As a rule, the content is automatically copied, just as it is placed, so it’s not a good idea to set up links in the article, and even better to mention the name of your site. Even if fraudsters copy your content, it will contain information about your site, and this is a direct proof of your authorship.

As for the scripts that close the text from being copied and selected, it is better not to use them. Why? This may cause some inconvenience to your visitors. If you already use scripts, the best option is to add a link to the copied text.

You can set such code through the system. Besides the fact that it will automatically add a link, you can track copies of your texts on the Internet.

If you still have to face the problem of content theft, first send an email to the site owner asking you to remove the material. If the answer is not followed, contact the hosting provider and search engine support. It can be difficult to achieve the truth, but copyright infringement is a matter of jurisdiction, therefore defend your rights.

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