Protection from bots and earnings on the site with Moneycaptcha

A few days ago on the popular Searchengines. ru appeared information about one interesting service, which should be useful to webmasters.

A project called

appeared just a few months ago and while it was registered a little more than 1500 sites, but it is developing quite actively.

Protection from bots and earnings on the site - this is what the new system, which was created by developers, offers. You can monetize any sites, blogs, forums, sites, and so on.

A completely new type of profit is offered, at which your visitors will perform additional actions.

Protection from bots and earnings on the site with Moneycaptcha

Earnings on the site with Moneycaptcha

The essence of earnings is that you install captcha to various places of your sites, and to visitors periodically you will need to enter characters from pictures, as well as perform simple tasks.

There is not much time needed for this, and you will receive a modest reward, plus behavioral factors will improve.

How protection against spammers and bots occurs is already clear. The installed captcha will not allow automated systems to visit your resource and perform various actions on it.

Protection from bots and earnings on the site with Moneycaptcha

You can close access to the following actions:

  • registration;
  • writing comments;
  • watching a video;
  • playing audio;
  • entering the site;
  • downloading files.

In addition, you can install captcha on any page of the site. For this, it is enough to get a special code after registering with Moneycaptcha, and anyone who wants to visit a particular page will first have to go through a captcha.

Everything is simple, you will receive a short link, which will be followed by a transition to a closed page.

How much you can earn on your site with Moneycaptcha depends on the attendance of the resource and user activity. Now the rate is 1 ruble for the unraveled captcha.

Inside your profile you will have the opportunity to correctly form the form that will be watched by site visitors:

Protection from bots and earnings on the site with Moneycaptcha

This image shows the appearance designer (not completely), and also an example. The task is simple, you just need to find the company number on a specific site and then select it in the list. Even a newbie will cope with this, and your balance will "fall" on the ruble, for each completed task.

When you have more than 100 rubles on your balance, you can order a payment. It is done only in WMR wallets. Also, you can earn by attracting other webmasters and receiving 10% of their income.

According to the developers, they managed to create a unique system that will help improve behavioral factors and search engines will not be able to track it.

That is why there are more and more customers, and accordingly the rate for tasks is growing, so add your sites to Moneycaptcha and make money passively.

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