Protecting copyright clips on YouTube

Not all people are honest, some try to promote their sites through other efforts, brazenly copying information.

Site owners constantly encounter theft of content that is automatically parsed and copied to other sites . They try to defend themselves and make complaints against intruders.

And what if you don't have a blog, but for example, a YouTube channel? No one wants his videos to be copied and placed on different sites or even other channels. To prevent this from happening, you will need to use copy protection methods for video on YouTube. There are not so many of them, but they are effective .

Protecting copyright clips on YouTube

Even if there are only a few videos on your channel and there are a limited number of views, do not neglect the simple rules for protecting copy clips.

Attackers can use absolutely any content:

1. Watermark on video. A great option is to keep the authorship on video, and to add a corporate badge, you do not even need to download video editors. We have already told how to install the logo on YouTube videos using the built-in constructor.

The option is good, however, some are not soared that the video is installed on the video and still copy them. Here you can decide for yourself whether to receive additional advertising or to file complaints.

2. Licensing. You can get licenses for videos on the site. With the help of the non-profit organization Creative Commons, authors can choose a specific type of content distribution license.

To make it easier to decide, you can view the definitions of different licenses:

Protecting copyright clips on YouTube

When using a license, you will receive a special code for each downloaded video. It needs to be inserted into the description, but before that you need to select the appropriate option in the "License" section in the advanced settings:

Protecting copyright clips on YouTube

Alternatively, you can install a non-commercial license using Creative Commons use of videos.

3. Content ID. This is a special functionality on YouTube that allows you to confirm the copyright and then automatically tracks any matches in other people's videos (snippets, mentions, sound tracks, etc.).

In terms of protection, this is a great option, because if someone uploads a video with your content, he will get an alert about what needs to be corrected so that the video becomes available.

Get it is possible to use this useful tool not everyone can. First read and only after that you can apply for the use of the tool by clicking on.

These methods help protect against fraudsters, but someone can still copy the video and, after not tricky manipulations in the video editor, publish a "unique" video. In this case, the only measure left is filing a complaint (how to write to the YouTube support caliper).

Do not forget about elementary methods of protection, for example, name your channel or website directly in the video.

Videos are also copied to YouTube, despite the thoughtful video hosting algorithm. Each video blogger should be aware of the risks and security, it is better to protect themselves from copying videos, than to prove that you are the copyright holder, because some attackers may even file a complaint.

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