Pros and cons of eternal links

Website promotion with perpetual links is used most often, while not all users are aware of the positive and negative aspects of their use.

Undoubtedly, due to the referential promotion, you can achieve good results , but, like in any other business, you need to foresee all the little things.

In this article we will examine the pros and cons of perpetual links, so that everyone who decides to buy a link mass for their resource is sure that it is acting correctly.

Pros and cons of eternal links

Disadvantages of perpetual links

  • if the donor loses trust or becomes of poor quality, problems may arise when removing the link;
  • if the referring resource turns into linkwashing instead of usefulness, this can adversely affect progress;
  • no one will give you a guarantee that the purchased link will always be indexed by search engines;
  • when changing addresses of the link, there are problems with its replacement;
  • the webmaster can remove the eternal link without explaining the reason (even if after a long time);
  • purchase of perpetual debts Lok requires a lot of time for site selection and numerous checks;
  • to provide a quality and constant link mass, you need to invest decent money;
  • search engines actively struggle with purchase links, there are even special filters that superimposed for it.

Pros and cons of eternal links

Pros of eternal links

  • the lifetime of links is one of the indicators of link quality;
  • eternal links are more similar to natural ones;
  • you can receive additional traffic from donors;
  • after buying links you don’t have to keep expenses, they will work without support;
  • sites to accommodate perpetual links is much more (wider choice);
  • a constant link weight increases the trust of the site.

In general, the promotion of perpetual links is much greater, despite the number of items in this list. It is very important to understand your goals in advance, if you make a platform for fast monetization or sale, then you can use Sape, and if you want to create a high-quality and popular resource, it is better to choose perpetual links.

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