Proper communication with customers in freelancing

Being engaged in freelancing, each person who has chosen this field of activity should be ready to communicate with customers, which requires certain knowledge.

It is not uncommon for a person to be an employer who is completely unaware of the intricacies of work he orders from a remote worker.

In this case, it is very difficult to find mutual understanding and understand exactly what needs to be done. In addition to this situation, many difficulties may arise in the relationship between the employer and the contractor, and every freelancer should be prepared for this.

Proper communication with clients in freelancing is one of the skills of a successful freelancer that anyone who wants to work in this field should learn.

Proper communication with customers in freelancing

Communicating with clients in freelancing

The success of communication depends on how well you conduct the dialogue. Each client can become a regular customer, and if he likes to cooperate with you, in the future rates may rise significantly.

Plus, good communication helps to interrupt orders, because there are a lot of freelancers and you have to choose candidates.

  • dialogue with clients begins with a greeting, and even at this stage you must show your literacy. There should be no “good morning”, keep the official form of communication and try to greet potential customers with words like “Hello”;
  • throughout the communication, do not allow yourself to be rude, use slang words, etc. Imagine imagine that you communicate with the authorities, and when contacting, be sure to use the form "You";
  • before you begin to cooperate stably, you need to find out all the details and requirements for the order. If you are asked for help, the client most likely cannot complete the task. Therefore, he is not a professional, so choose a simple language for communication;
  • each person is different, someone will be demanding, someone will never greet, and sometimes you will encounter clients who laugh at work. Do not descend to their level, be above it;
  • you can argue for a long time whether the correct expression "Customer is always right." Imagine that you will be asked to promote a fishing site for the “Buy sledge” request. The customer will definitely be wrong, so do not be afraid to tell him that you are an expert and you know what is best;
  • the client will pay more if you offer him additional services during the order discussion process. Coming up with something new is not necessary, and if you don’t cope with the task yourself, you can at least hire another freelancer, leaving yourself a percentage; So that later there are no problems, discuss the work time - 3 days, a week, a month. Suddenly, he simply does not like your "excellent";
  • as soon as you hear from the client "Yes, there are 15 minutes to do," ask him to do the work himself. You cannot cook porridge with such customers, they consider you greedy, and you are a super professional;
  • you often hear from customers "You are 10 times more expensive, I will go to others." Do not miss the customer, explain to him why you take more or why others are willing to work for a smaller amount;
  • customers already after the agreement often change their mind and write that they need to urgently make a bunch of amendments. It needs to be discussed immediately, preferably, to take an additional fee for correcting the work done;
  • never end the conversation with a phrase like “let's call each other soon”. You need to specify the exact time and date for the contract to be executed. Here we also add that it is impossible to delay much, even for a week your client can find another freelancer;
  • friendly customers who treat you like a brother should not cloud the mind. They want to position you, but what guarantees that this is not done to deceive. Be careful when the client is too friendly;
  • even if your client absolutely does not know how the process of creating the product that he needs is going on, you should not make fun of him. It is better to try to explain to him in an accessible form what exactly he needs to do;
  • when offering his services and presenting their value, be sure to try to focus not on the price, but on the services themselves. Let the detailed description of the services take you some time, but you will not “scare” the client;
  • processing the order and getting the information necessary for the project, do not argue with the employer. Perhaps his opinion will seem erroneous to you, but this is a client's choice that you must respect;
  • when accepting an order and communicating with a client, be honest and try to fully answer all the questions posed. Every employer would like to cooperate with a qualified and conscientious worker.

Proper communication with customers in freelancing

Communicating with people, this is one of the parts of running a business, and you shouldn't be afraid that something will not work out for you. You will communicate with customers on the Internet, and most likely by correspondence, and this limits you from a number of inconveniences.

Learn to communicate intelligently with customers, and you will notice that they will be interested in reusing your services.

Proper communication with customers in freelancing

The freelancer is the seller

It is important to learn the rules of communication with the client, as this helps to sell their services. It does not matter what you do, if you can agree, and even for a good payment, as well as endear a person, the deal is in your pocket.

Standards for communication with customers are not set , it is necessary to proceed from the situation and the type of customer.

There are several ethical factors in communicating with clients that negatively affect a client's decision. If you decide to offer something (services), consider what scares the buyer:

  • answers in one word;
  • refusals to questions;
  • lack of courtesy;
  • lack of punctuality (long answers).

First of all, the client needs to be interested in his offer. Show your interest in his project, offer a discount, bonuses or share the success of your other clients. Do everything so that the customer is sure that you are the best freelancer.

Professionals are approached to solve any problems. So we are arranged that we trust people trying to figure out our difficulties and provide assistance. Ask the client what exactly they need, and find the answers to the received answers.

Proper communication with customers in freelancing

For example, "I just want to increase site traffic" - the answer is, "this is my specialty, let's raise it with advertising, contextual shows the best results if the order is over 15 000 rubles, ready to spend an advertising campaign in teaser networks. "

Certainly you are pleased when you communicate well with the provision of services (in a hospital, in a shop, in car repair, etc.).

Therefore, you should understand how important business communication with customers is. Learn all the tricks and put the dialogue in your favor, then you will not only receive orders more often, but also accurately collect the base of regular customers.

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