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Internet users make money in different areas of activity, but what unites them all is the use of social networks.

In most cases, moneymakers open communities and create profiles that come in handy for more profit and are accompanied along with main work.

Vkontakte is a leader in popularity in RuNet, so this project is used to earn money, much more often. To earn decent money, you need to unwind and develop the page.

Now the mass of various software is distributed for this, but the developers of Vkontakte have a negative attitude towards this and banned the pages.

How to promote Vkontakte without a ban?

Vkontakte promotion without programs - this is the best way to protect against all problems with blocking. Bans are now written out even for adding friends, and if the page is too often blocked, it can be lost.

Promotion Vkontakte without programs | Workion. ru

But if you don’t use programs, how quickly can you unwind a group or profile? You can use different services of cheating, in which the performers are real people, not bots.

TIP: It is better not to use systems like Olike, since bots are wound through it, and this is quickly determined by the developers of Vkontakte.

We present to you 3 services in which you will not spend a lot of money on the development of your page, and will also be able to attract real people as friends or followers of the community:

1. Wmmail
A popular mailer where you can create tasks with arbitrary requirements. After registering through Webmoney, you can create a task with a payment of 1 cent, for example, adding friends and receive reports on the implementation.

Do you think it will not bring much benefit? See an example:

Promotion Vkontakte without programs | Workion. ru

Here are 4 tasks for one cent from different advertisers. Green numbers indicate the number of quality executions. For example, on the second line is the task with the entry into the group, and as you can see, the advertiser has already managed to attract more than 8500 subscribers and all of them are real people, not bots.

2. Seosprint.
Another mailer with a bit more performers, as the registration procedure is simplified. But there are almost 3 times more tasks than Wmmail, so the competition is serious. However, you can also use the service if you want to save.

The fact is that you can pay 24 kopecks for the assignment (including commission). That is, 240 rubles will cost you 1000 friends or subscribers for the group, while Wmmail will require $ 13 or 480 rubles for this.

The only negative is a big fee for raising the task in the list. On Seosprint, you have to pay a ruble for it, and on Wmmail only 1 cent.

3. .
The main advantage of the project is a huge audience of users (over 1. 3 million). Generally, this is an exchange of articles, but it is also possible to create tasks for social networks with the requirements to join the group, leave a review, add friends and so on.

Most of the users of the system are people who have earned money online for a long time, so the quality of the result will be higher. But the money will need to spend more, about 5 cents per execution.

Whichever service you use, you can absolutely do it.

The most important thing is that real tasks will be performed by real people , and if you think that your “pennies” are not needed by anyone, then you are deeply mistaken, many beginners “squeeze” all of their profiles of social networks and ready to perform simple tasks with a small payment.

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