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Many do not understand what the promotion of articles is better than buying links. In fact, everything is simple.

Firstly, the links in the article look more natural compared to the links located in the footer or sidebar. Consequently, search engines will not be able to identify them and apply sanctions (both to the donor and to the recipient).

Secondly, compared to contextual links, the links in the article do not just have the “right” environment. The article can set the title, description and the desired number of keywords. So, a link with the correct anchor from such a page will have a much greater weight .

Thirdly, good articles provide not only a reference mass, but also a good thematic traffic .

But there are flaws in the promotion of articles.

1) Time and money . Before the articles advance these articles need to be written. You can write yourself, and this time, or hire a copywriter, and this is money. How many articles are needed? That's your business. Depends on the budget and goals. In the most general case, you need 600-800 articles. But do not worry, not all articles must be unique. Each article, depending on the quality of the source text, can be times 50 or even 80 times to rerite. In a pinch, normal breeding can be used with synonyms.

2) Quality of the sites . This is a separate conversation. Distinguishing a quality site from govnosaytov, which webmasters expect to fill with someone else's “unique” content and even make money on it, is extremely difficult.

Speaking of site quality, you need to understand that this is not about choosing 5-10 sites to accommodate guest posts, but about choosing hundreds or even thousands of sites. That is why when choosing sites for articles I use article exchanges.

I settled on Liex (by the way, ref link, because they have 50% referral ). They have not only the maximum number of sites for posting articles, but the most Developed functionality. When choosing sites, among other things, you can set the following options:

Hard moderation
Only subject articles
Show mirrors (gluing) in Yandex
Availability in Yandex. Catalog
CY of the site
Indexed Yandex pages
Show mirrors (splices) in Google
Availability in DMOZ
Google indexed pages
Backlinks to Google
Alexa Rank
Date of registration / Domain
Percentage of articles indexed by Yandex at the site

Now quite reliable donor You can find the filter "only accepts feature articles" and "hard moderation."

In addition, with daily payment, payment can be made only while the article is in the index.

To summarize, I want you to understand that articles should not be considered as a separate and independent way of promotion. Articles very well complement the process of promotion. Of course, the quality of the promoted site plays a big role here. That is, there is no point in promoting articles for a satellite or a CU for link trading, since it is both more expensive and longer. But for long-term projects from the very beginning it is necessary to strive to ensure that the reference mass is close to natural. It is longer, but more reliable . It is better to get to the top in 3-4 months and keep there steadily, rather than fly into the top in a month and fly out of it just as quickly.

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