Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

Every moneymaker knows that you can make good money through social networks.

At the same time, you can make a profit by creating your sites and monetizing them, as well as by simple tasks. There are many services in which promotion and earnings are offered, and now we will tell about one of them.

Promotion and earnings of Vkontakte with already helps thousands of users to achieve their goals.

With the help of this service, you can earn and withdraw money or run different types of Vkontakte cheats. It is not necessary to invest money, you can complete tasks, get points and spend it on promotion.

Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

Vkstorm Cheat Exchange Vkstorm

It’s easy to use this system, and you can go straight from the main page authorization through your profile. 25 points are paid for the first login to the system, this is a bit, but you can quickly increase their number by completing tasks:

Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

The green background indicates the number of points you will receive for completing tasks. Also in each task is given a link to start its implementation. Go through it, perform the necessary action and then click "Check". If everything is done correctly, then a message about the completed task will appear:

Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

The personal account displays how many points you have already collected, and also what is the current exchange rate for this currency:

Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

If you use the system to earn money, then after you have typed a few points, go to the exchange and exchange them for rubles:

Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

You can withdraw from the system at least 30 rubles , and transfers are available on WMR and a phone number. Pay attention to the chart of changes in the points, if you wait for a good moment, you can get more money when withdrawing.

Promotion Vkontakte with Vkstorm

Earned points can be sent to the rewards of the performers of your task. Through the Vkstorm service, you can perform various cheatings:

Promotion and earnings Vkontakte with Vkstorm

Targeting settings are one of the useful parameters, since many users want to get target audience of subscribers.

How many points a performer will get is up to you, but it is better not to set the value to less than 2-3 units. Otherwise, the cheat will last too long.

This exchange helps you quickly make subscribers, friends, likes and reposts, and if you do not want to waste time on earning points, just buy this currency. Only for 50 rubles you can buy 500 points and if you set the payment to 2 units of this currency, you will get 250 friends, subscribers, likes, reposts.

The Vkstorm project is a quality system in which you can also make money on referrals. Apart from the fact that they pay 10% from revenues, and 5% from expenses, 10 points are issued for each registered user, and there is also an opportunity to win a contest of referrals, where the main prize is 3,000 rubles (held every 2 weeks).

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