Promising internet providers. Dishonest providers

To connect to the world wide web, each user must first contact the company that provides the service provider.

Most people in Russia have a choice with regard to such companies, since many providers offer their services. But you can never rush, because not all services are provided with high quality.

Promising Internet providers are a modern problem that almost everyone has come across. To entice customers, Internet connection companies use various tricks, including specifying speed limits.

The ad says, "Up to 20 megabits per second," but the key word in this expression is "Do", because the speed can be 0. 00001 megabits.

Promising internet providers. Dishonest providers

Unfair providers

It is impossible to select an ideal provider, because almost every company has its pros and cons. Periodically, everyone needs to change equipment, emergency situations happen, equipment is updated, software failures appear, and so on.

That is why it is extremely difficult to make a final choice in favor of one of the providers.

Promising internet providers. Dishonest providers

What are the most common problems with providers?

  • low connection speed;
  • problems with hardware configuration;
  • various devices and operating systems (Linux) are not supported;
  • a small number of payment methods for services;
  • high cost of provider services;
  • absent high-quality technical support;
  • there is no personal account or permanently unavailable.

Another common problem is the inconvenient system of calculations. For example, when the balance goes into a minus for a large amount. For example, a man went on vacation, and when he returned, he had to pay a bill for the Internet, although he did not use it.

The choice of an Internet provider should be taken seriously, because the comfort of your visit to the world wide web depends on it. The best option to find out reliable information about companies is to read reviews on the Internet, as well as interview your friends.

The most important thing is to find out how often there are failures and how long they last, as well as compare prices.

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