Program for creating HTML sites - WebProject

To develop your own website, most users choose a CMS, with which you can get a ready resource in a few hours.

Ready-made engines have a lot of minuses, and the most important one is resource consumption. How else can you create a newbie site? Use a special software to create HTML sites.

The best program for creating HTML sites is. This free software is a website generator that is easy to use and perfect for developing simple resources. After developing the structure of the site, its design and content, you can post it on the Internet, initially the project is stored within the program.

Program for creating HTML sites - WebProject

How easy is it to create an HTML site?

The main question for most users is, and what resources can be created through this program? The resource will be created in HTML, so you can implement any project.

Without certain knowledge, you can easily develop your blog, business card site or portfolio. And if you need additional functionality, you can easily add it to the pages of the site.
After the first launch of the program, you will be asked to select a template.

Pay attention not to the appearance, but to the location of the blocks. You can easily change the design of the resource, using a special designer, because each site creator wants to get the original design of the site.

When you select a template, you will have the opportunity to change its structure, delete, edit and create new sections, pages and other site elements:

Program for creating HTML sites - WebProject

Program in Russian language, so to understand all the tools is not difficult. In the main field, your resource will be placed, and with the help of tools you will be able to make various changes.

What features does WebProject provide?

  • easy to develop site structure;
  • develop widgets for a site (with graphic and textual information);
  • it’s convenient to fill the site with information;
  • the menu is automatically generated, you only need to specify links for the items;
  • after adding the images, you can install them on any pages;
  • for different pages you can set different design;
  • easy to create a site map;
  • quickly generate an RSS feed;
  • conveniently transfer a site to a server via FTP;
  • save sa ie in a single file.

This is not a complete list of the possibilities that WebProject opens up. You can download it on the official website Bytexpert. ru. On the same site it is proposed to download programs to speed up the indexing of the site, as well as to quickly resize images. This software is also useful webmasters.

Despite the fact that the program is easy to use, some users experience difficulties. In this case, you can contact the developer of the program, he promptly answers all questions regarding his software products. Contact information you will find on the official website.

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