Profitable strategy for the game in BC

In bookmakers, professionals manage to win huge sums, but for this they use sly tactics.

If you are good at sports, you can simply make single bets after detailed analysis, but the risks are all equal will be high, because even outsiders sometimes win.

A simple and working strategy for sports betting, which you will learn from this article, involves numerous bets on favorites.

The probability that a team or an athlete wins, whose victory is determined by a factor of no more than 1. 25 is great. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such a result, but the winnings will be too small.

Profitable strategy for the game in BC

Profitable strategy for bookmakers

You do not need to make complex predictions to use this tactic. Although they will not be superfluous, because bookmakers can put a low coefficient on victory, which is in great doubt.

In any case, bets are made solely on the favorites, which means that you will often win.

First you need to find the amount, which is enough for 60 minimum bids. For example, if you put on 10 rubles, then you need only 600 rubles (for increased profitability, you can start from 100 rubles, but then invest 6,000 rubles).

You need to use only the best bookmakers, they have normal ratios and there are no problems with payments.

I recommend BC

, it is the best, I myself have been using it for many years and have been withdrawing money several times a month.

You have understood the financial part, now let's move on to the main one. Your balance will be replenished with small amounts, there will be losses from time to time, but this is not a problem, since you can easily cover expenses.

The essence of the strategy is that you need to open express trains and add 10 events to them.

Bets should be made on odds from 1. 05 to 1. 25, i.e. favorites:

Profitable strategy for the game in BC

mindlessly bets Do not do, choose the games in which you are sure that the winner will be the team (athlete) for whom you put money.

Having added 10 matches to express, the average coefficient will be 5. Now you understand what the trick is? You only bet on the favorites, while getting favorable conditions.

Choose different games, split the stakes:

  • put on the box with odds up to 1. 25;
  • put on hockey with odds to 1. 25;
  • put on tennis with a coefficient from 1. 15 to 1. 2;
  • put on football with a coefficient from 1. 1 to 1. 15.

A minimum bet (for example, 10 rubles) is put on each express. After each win, continue to use the same bet.

If you lose, you need to double the bet (according to the Martingale system). Each loss means a doubling of the bet. When testing the strategy of sports betting, I have never lost more than 6 losses in a row.

With an average coefficient equal to 5, each win brings 50 rubles (if the rate is 10 rubles). Losses are fully paid off, as rates increase.

You will have to play many express trains for a long time and for a day. Just do not add the same games to them, act differently.

By betting on a favorite, the chance to win a high one, and losing 10 times in such express trains in a row is simply not realistic.

Don't believe? Take a piece of paper and try to write a few express. Make sure that the strategy for sports betting really works, and then replenish the account in the bookmakers.

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