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To conduct a quality advertising campaign, you need to make a lot of mental effort. And the matter concerns not only the correct setting of the advertising company: the desired landing page, the choice of the desired geo-targeting, setting the CPC, anchors, and so on. For optimizers, it is also important that the discounter itself is advertising, which will run advertising.

If everything is clear with the settings of the advertising company, then with the choice of advertising discounter, this is a matter of primary importance. Because, our target visitors and denyuzhki depend on its capacity, capabilities and “adequacy.”

profitable monetization with teasers - Profit Hunter RedClick is an advertising discounter offering quality Internet advertising at the lowest prices! From 40 kopecks for the transition. From 40 means that the price in the system depends on the subject and geo-targeting. Let's take a closer look.


The system's functionality is simplified to the maximum The launch of the first advertising campaign will take a few minutes.

profitable monetization with teasers - Profit Hunter

In the first step, you need to set the (main) "daily limit of transitions" , “geo-targeting” , “subject” and “daily budget limit” . You can also set your click price, which will override the click price of the company (specified by the system). If the price suits the system, then it must also be entered in the “click price” field (confirmation). Click the button “Add campaign” .

profitable monetization with teasers - Profit Hunter

If the optimizer forgot something or set the settings incorrectly, you can change everything on this page. After clicking on " add an advertisement. ” By the way, as a geotargeting, I chose “Ukraine.”

profitable monetization with teasers - Profit Hunter What is interesting to note here is the presence of an explanation of the subject. A kind of manual for beginners and a reminder for professionals. When everyone has set up, click on the button “Add announcement” . The system will start immediately.

The financial and technical part for the advertiser

  • RedClick offers quality traffic at a price of 40 kopecks per click.
  • A powerful system of filters allows you to completely eliminate bots, thereby providing you only real visitors.
  • Geo-targeting to any countries except the Russian Federation is free. For RF - 80 kopecks per click.
  • The advertising network shows over 500 million advertisements every day. Works with thousands of sites.
  • There is a lot of low-cost Ukrainian traffic in the system (for this reason I chose Ukraine as an example).


Everything is also simplified here as much as possible. It is even easier for a webmaster to add a site than for an optimizer to create and launch an advertising campaign.

profitable monetization with teasers - Profit Hunter Below there is a similar field for filtering topics. You also need to provide access to statistics. When everything is written and indicated, add the site to the system. After passing moderation, proceed to setting up ad teaser blocks, place them on our sites and make a profit.

The financial and technical part for the webmaster

  • Payments twice a month to WebMoney, and also possibly to a bank account.
  • Control from clipping, poor quality sites, etc.
  • Manual moderation. The system only quality sites. They can make an exception for sites with small traffic (below 100), but of good quality.
  • Round-the-clock campaign optimization, highlighting more hits on sites with good audience response.
  • Referral program: 5% of all revenues of the resulted partner, and also 2. 5% of all expenses of the resulted advertiser.
  • Quick explanatory support, ticketing system.
  • Copywriting services.

It remains only to use the power of the RedClick system and start monetizing your sites.

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