Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

A lot of work to earn good money is not necessary. There are investment projects on the Internet, with which it is enough to deposit any amount once, so that you can consistently receive deductions every day.

New services appear constantly, but you need to be careful not to stumble upon scammers.

Investments of up to 3% per day are a profitable offer, even for those who are willing to invest only $ 10. This is a completely new project, the work of which attracts a whole staff of qualified employees. All of them perform different actions to increase the capital of investors.

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

About Crypto Invest

On the official website you will find company registration documents. This is not just another HYIP or pyramid where you need to attract other people. Everything is much more interesting here, because the money is used by professionals to conduct transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as for mining.

In both directions, the company works with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. These currencies are now the most popular, and a high level of volatility allows you to quickly conduct profitable deals on stock exchanges. It is not necessary to go deep into technical issues, customers simply make a deposit.

Due to the vast experience of the staff, it is possible to work in a plus, in any case. Customers are offered fixed rates, payments do not depend on the success of the transactions. The team gathered from around the world.

Despite the short period of work of the company, she managed to declare herself loudly. Every day, rave reviews appear on the network, users post screenshots of payments. Plus, the conditions here are quite profitable, the minimum return on investment is a little more than 30 days.

How much can you earn with Crypto Invest?

Profitability depends on what tariff plan you choose and how much you will invest. There are 3 tariffs in the system, the minimum investment is $ 10, the maximum is $ 10,000. They differ not only in interest rates, but also in terms of validity. Only in the third tariff it is not set:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

As you see, investors receive 1% -2% -3%. You do not need to be a mathematician to calculate the expected income. However, the site has a special form for calculating profitability. It is necessary to select the deposit with the slider and decide on the tariff:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

With the investment amount of $ 145, for 2 months of the tariff, you can collect $ 319. Small portions ($ 2.9 each) will be credited to the internal balance. You can order payments on a daily basis or wait until the expiration date of the tariff. When choosing Litecoin you are waiting for even more favorable conditions.

Instruction for a novice investor

The developers did a good job on the platform for investors, any newcomer will quickly get comfortable on the site. However, we decided to describe the main activities and functions on this site:

  1. Registration.

On all sites to start using, you need to register. Here it is simplified, you need to fill in a form of 4 fields:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

The mail is not checked, after registration, the user immediately goes to your personal account. All his accounts for various currencies are displayed there:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

Money on deposits is credited to them, depending on the chosen method of account replenishment.

  1. Opening a deposit.

Do you want to receive passive deductions? Then go to the "Invest" section and decide how much to deposit on the site (and also at what tariff):

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

The payment system is selected first. In addition to popular e-wallets, replenishment is available with Bitcoin and credit cards. The latter method is conducted through a special service of Yandex. It is also easy to transfer money from the card:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

After the account has been replenished, a percentage starts to arrive every day, depending on the selected tariff. You can open as many individual deposits as you like (useful if you have money in different wallets).

  1. Withdrawals.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is only $ 1. In the "Wallets" you can specify payment details. Please note, you can withdraw funds only in the currency in which it is credited to your internal account. For example, if you have a $ 10 Payeer on your site, then you can get them only for this wallet:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

This is how the withdrawal form looks, the amount can be entered arbitrary. Do not rush to order the payment, you can reinvest the money, for this a separate section has been created. Money comes stably, there are no commissions:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

Agree, nothing complicated, and when you receive the first payment, you understand that it was not for nothing that I registered. You can start with a small deposit, so be sure to try to do the actions described, make a profit without doing any work.

Earnings at Crypto Invest without investment

Did you find this company interested, but don’t you have enough money to invest? Not a problem, use an affiliate program. The referral system here is 3-level, 8% -4% -2% is paid from deposits.

Look for not only investors, but also those who will be able to attract new members. In the "Referrals" section there is a regular link, promo and statistics:

Profitable deposits with Crypto Invest, instructions for beginners

What is the amount of remuneration to partners? They are translated in the same currency that the referral used when making the deposit. Money is immediately available for withdrawal, transferred instantly and automatically.

It is allowed to use all the methods of referral recruitment. Until the project has become mega popular, have time to recruit a large team.

My review of Crypto Invest

Similar sites open all the time, but not all of them can boast of official documents. In addition, the company does not hide its methods of work, they have a clearly defined goal and transparently explain the schemes used to increase funds.

Payouts come regularly, the minimum deposit is only $ 10. What else do you need to choose this system, against the background of analogs? For me, it became another egg in the basket, added service to its investment portfolio.

About Crypto Invest, reviews continue to appear until I have met with any negative. There are various trolls and skeptics who claim that this is a scam and a hoax. But after all payments come, investors really receive the percent.

With Crypto Invest, you manage to earn good money without doing difficult work. Yes, you need to make investments, freebies on the Internet does not happen. As for the risks, there is no getting away from them.

Even if you keep the “papers” in the safe, something can happen to them. Try to invest a minimum deposit first, draw your own conclusions and decide whether to continue, I am sure there will be no doubt.

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