Profitable corner bets and cards

Peculiarities of teams should always be taken into account when using sports betting.

Sometimes, you can find the ideal variant by analyzing the statistics of a specific team. In football, everyone has their own characteristics, if you take them into account, then you will find the best option to bet money correctly.

Corner Cards and Cards - a hint for a sport prediction that you can use too.

The essence of this trick is to check the statistics of teams and identify those who most often scores from a corner or play an aggressive game (gets fouls). In such rates, the coefficients are high, this is the main plus.

Profitable corner bets and cards

How to use angles and fouls in bets?

You can bet on the number of cards issued or goals scored from a corner not at all brokers. The site accepts bets on many additional outcomes, for example, on fouls:

Profitable corner bets and cards

At the most popular, there are additional bets for each game too, but there are not so many of them. But you can use a bet. This is the creation of your own rate to which other users can connect.

Put money on a goal from a corner or getting cards, many players will answer your wager, as they find their chances of winning high.

Profitable bets on corner

Go to the statistics and look for teams that have played a lot of corners and won the match:

Profitable corner bets and cards

Bookmaker offered high odds on bets on angled:

Profitable corner bets and cards

The results of this match showed the following results:

Profitable corner bets and cards

As you can see, for the whole game 6 Tottenham corner corners were made, and if the second line bet was opened (Angle Tottenham Hotspot 6. 5 men), you could multiply your bet by 1. 95 - almost doubled.

It is necessary to apply such statistics carefully, since it is rather difficult to determine in advance how many corners will be played. Statistics helps to draw conclusions, but forecasts may not be correct.

How to play foul shots?

Every football fan knows at least a couple of teams that are tough. They occasionally break the rules and get different cards. To choose a team for which it is better to put money, you need to look at the statistics:

Profitable corner bets and cards

After the check, you can determine which teams get the most LCD (yellow cards). After that, you need to decide on the rate:

Profitable corner bets and cards

What result to put depends on the aggressiveness of the team and general statistics on the issued cards. For example, for the last game, the Tottenham team received 2 LCDs, if they had relied on (Tottenham LCD 2.5.5), the coefficient would be 1. 24, which is also a good .

These tricks may come in handy for making forecasts, and we recommend that all readers learn 22 tips on football betting. Working with bookmakers can be profitable if you correctly bid and hope not only for good luck.

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