Profit Hunter went offline - Profit Hunter

Profit Hunter went offline - Profit Hunter Spring-field work, as always, crept unnoticed, their mother ...

If anyone has a summer house, he will understand me. Only I have a summer cottage all year round, because I live in the private sector and very good. far from any mega-cities 🙂

In general, excuse the forced downtime, in a couple of days I will return to the Spring Marathon and other topics again, I’ll just fulfill my offline obligations.

In the meantime, a bit of all sorts of different links.

For those who are interested in the rewriting of Russian texts, the khalid reader gave a link to a very good dictionary. Judging by the description, there are many useful features. I, however, did not understand, because the whole burner 🙂

On the runetjob blog. ru you can read what bloggers think about the future of the blogosphere. My answer is there. Who is the first to guess which one is mine, to which the link in the next post 🙂

We derive motivation from BoltOLOG. Especially important is the moment where Artem writes about Papa Carlo. I generally like to read such posts. When they write about tons of bucks, it pleasantly relaxes and lets the imagination roam, but it doesn't go any further: I already introduced these kilobaxes, I got pleasure, what else do I have to work, right? But when they write: “You, blah, have to plow in order to have something in this life”, it really motivates (at least me). I love such posts.

I received a sample of the Recorder from the Inspired Brake Not yet tested (again, vegetable gardens and all that), but others say that the product is worthy.

If anyone has not read it, I recommend to learn harmful tips for bloggers from Dimka.

Interesting Davydov Linkodrome. If I had a contest about what name to give to Dmitry's blog, I would choose “The Other Side of the Moon” or something like that 🙂 In general, if you want Tite know the alternative point of view on many "truism", you direct road to the Small City of Davydov. IMHO.

Who are interested in all sorts of converters (video,. pdf, pictures), you to the Globator blog. Post and is called - Converters.

And some information for those who want (or are going to in the future) to order advertising in several blogs: my partner - SMOpro studio offers the service “Advertising on blogs.” More than 80 blogs of various subjects, great advertising campaign experience and SMO.

Well, as if all the news from the fields 🙂

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