Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

Making money on the Internet is easy if you use the easiest ways.

There are many interesting projects from which people consistently get paid, among them there are economic games. Everyone can register in them and effortlessly increase their money.

A new game with the withdrawal of money has appeared recently, but is confidently gaining momentum.

Its active development is explained by the fact that developers already have experience in creating such projects. They run and take into account all the wishes of users. In order not to change the old project, they just opened a new game.

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

Play and earn with Profit Birds

The game's plot remained unchanged, colored birds are also sold going eggs for sale. At the start of all newbies, there is a bonus of 1000 silver , so you can start without deposits.

Only one cheap bird is available for this amount, its fertility is minimal.

That is why, it is better to invest and buy other birds:

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

They pay off much faster, only the lifespan remains unchanged. Are you afraid that the money will not pay off? Let's do a simple calculation. The red bird costs 410,000 silver, which is 4,100 rubles.

The entire amount will not be required to enter the game, since a bonus is set on deposits:

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

Deposit 3,000 rubles and receive 450,000 silver . Buy one red bird, which produces 30,000 eggs each hour. It turns out 720,000 eggs per day (7200 silver = 72 rubles).

For 90 days of the bird's lifetime, the total profit of 6,480 rubles comes out, i.e. the money invested is multiplied by more than 2 times. At the same time, we did not take into account the remaining 40,000 silver and WM SET bonuses:

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

The yield will be even higher, the main thing is not to forget to go into the game every 2 days to collect eggs. By the way, half of the profits will be credited to the balance for purchases, new birds are bought from it to increase profits.

Payments come to several payment systems, players are already withdrawing funds:

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

Play is easy, payback is high, and the administration has already proved that their projects can work for years .

There are less than 5000 users registered in the game, do not miss the moment to join a promising project. You will definitely be able to attract a lot of referrals, and this is required for withdrawing funds.

Payment points on Profit Birds

Ordering payments will not work without Cash Points, and such points are given for different actions. For everyone who contributes more than 1000 rubles to the project, a special exchange opens, where points are sold.

On the new project, the developers did everything to make the exchange as profitable as possible, so the course is much more profitable there than on similar sites:

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

Cash Points are also distributed when deposit funds by you and your referrals. The project is only developing, it is easy to invite new players into it. When they invite someone, you will also receive interest:

Profit Birds - how to play and withdraw money?

To easily assemble a large team, use different ways to recruit referrals. Sometimes it is enough to attract 5-10 people, they will invite their friends and you will create a passive source of income.

In addition to all this, the administration holds stable referral contests where it plays out 60,000 rubles.

Before registering for an investment game, you need to make sure that the developers are honest.

The administration of Profit Birds has a good reputation, so you can not worry about contributions. And if you like this project, register again in, the design and plot of the game is exactly the same.

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