Professional binary options scalping

Thanks to the scalping system, or scalping, the financial markets can get their profits quickly.

The use of this form of trading, of course, depends on personal preferences and opportunities. Some traders prefer waiting tactics (sometimes quite long) to make a profitable deal, while at the same time someone comes out of the stock exchange thanks to the ability to make quick bets, get results and withdraw them.

When the trading strategy that you use is profitable, 70% -80% of transactions will go in the plus. The brokerage system, which is well integrated with many strategies, helps with this positioning.

The advantages of this broker relate to beginners in the first place - this is an opportunity to work with exchange tools without financial education. All that is needed is an understanding of the overall market basis and platform on which binary options are trading.

Among the advantages: the minimum level of depot is up to 5 USD , the minimum transaction size is from 1 USD, receiving trading signals for free, a profitable system and expiration dates from 1 minute to 1 year.

Professional binary options scalping

Instructions for trading binary options on the strategy

To start trading in practice, you need to additionally install an analytical platform and download the indicators and template of the trading system.

After installing additional collateral on your PC, open the chart of price indicators for the asset that you consider most interesting and set it up for the M1 trading period.

Then you need to set the following elements in it:

  • MACD indicator, the values ​​of its parameters: 13.21 SMA 1 - it is red,
  • MACD indicator, values ​​of its parameters: 21.34 SMA 1 - it is orange,
  • MACD indicator, values ​​of its parameters: 34,144 SMA 1 - it is green,
  • EMA indicator, values its period: 21, CLOSE - it is red,
  • EMA indicator, the values ​​of its period: 34, CLOSE - it is orange,
  • EMA indicator, its period values: 144, CLOSE - it orange color.

After these actions, the schedule should be like this or similar to this:

Professional binary options scalping

After setting up on the schedule of the M1 trading period, take a different schedule, setting the trading schedule for it M5 period and adding the corresponding green MACD indicator.

Now you need to place on your chart all EMA indicators with trading periods 21, 34, 144 (CLOSE, respectively, red, orange, green).

Now your chart will look like this:

Professional binary options scalping

And now you can make the first attempts to trade, observing the rules carefully and analyzing the situation.

When you receive the first signal from your first schedule, you should make sure that this is the true primary signal.

Look at the chart if there are any such signs on it:

  • The columns of the green, orange, and red MACD indicators cross up the zero level.
  • Price quotations in the form of a chart pass over all three: green, orange and red movings.
Professional binary options scalping

Then you should receive the same signal on the chart with the M5 timeframe:

  • The MACD green indicator columns cross up the zero level.
  • Price quotations in the form of a graph are depicted above all three green, orange and red movings.
Professional binary options scalping

If both charts have all of the above signals - you should buy an option, concluding a CALL - a bargain, UP:

Professional binary options scalping

And vice versa, it is necessary to conclude a PUT (DOWN, down) deal under reverse conditions.

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