Profession affiliate manager, specialty on the Internet

When the Internet became widespread, people quickly adapted to the use of these technologies for commercial purposes.

Many are already working in the network, and e-commerce is developing with great speed. Against this background, new professions that are not yet taught in educational institutions began to appear.

Profession Affiliate Manager is one of the activities that originated from the Internet. Managers with this direction are affiliate program support specialists. Almost every large company complements its activities with affiliate programs, so experts from this field are in demand.

Profession affiliate manager, specialty on the Internet

What is an Affiliate Manager?

In most cases, affiliate programs are fully automated and at first glance it may seem that attracting people to working with this branch of business makes no sense. In fact, the list of responsibilities of the affiliate manager includes many different cases. What exactly does such an employee do?

  • looking for ways to promote products (through affiliate marketing);
  • provides support for partners (dealers);
  • closely deals with marketing;
  • conducting advertising campaigns;
  • performing customer support;
  • developing popularity;
  • seeking new customers and partners;
  • conducting various research and collects the necessary statistics;
  • develops a marketing strategy (for affiliate programs);
  • selects suitable offers for partners.

The specialty of the affiliate manager may include a huge number of other responsibilities. As you can see, an employee in this profession has to associate his work with routine work, which is not so easy.

As already mentioned, there is no such specialty in educational institutions, therefore affiliate managers are most often professionals who come from a similar niche or engaged in self-education. Most often, this position is claimed by people with knowledge and education in the field of marketing.

When candidates are considered for such a position, employers pay particular attention to work experience and level of knowledge. Experience may not be remote (for example, work in the sales department), but the level of knowledge of the PC should not be lower than confident.

In addition, the personal qualities of the future employee are considered, for example, responsibility, sociability, attentiveness, etc.

Profession affiliate manager, specialty on the Internet

Interesting specialty on the Internet

Everybody can get such a job; on freelance exchanges and sites with vacancies, open vacancies periodically appear. The average salary is from a thousand dollars, with the official system, social package and other bonuses.

A few years ago, people didn’t even hear about such a profession, but today it is becoming more and more popular and thousands of people take the position of Affiliate managers .

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