Private Internet visit, encrypt data

And did you guess that being present on the Internet and insulting other users or posting illegal information, you can easily be tracked down using various methods.

Many people believe that this is impossible, but in practice many cases have already been fixed when anonymous offenders were punished.

In order to privately visit the Internet, there are several ways, each of which is accompanied by certain pros and cons.

Private Internet visit, encrypt data

How to become a private Internet user?

1. The easiest way to hide your IP address, use web services called "Anonymizer".

On websites, and on a variety of other resources, you can get the necessary functionality.

The essence of use is extremely simple, inside the browser you will have an address bar, through which you can specify the address of the site to which you will go privately, hiding your true IP address.

There are a lot of negative aspects of this method, for example, anonymizers work very slowly, and you also need to systematically observe excess advertising.

2. A more difficult way to hide your data from the server to which you are connecting is to use proxy servers. When using this method, you will connect to a remote computer, which you will be given control of.

Naturally, this way it will be much more difficult for you to calculate , but the probability still remains. For more effective protection of their privacy, users use a chain of proxy servers, and the more proxies are included in the chain, the more difficult it will be to identify the user.

You can find free proxy servers on the Internet, but most of them are already overloaded or not functioning at all, so paying for a proxy is a better option.

Private Internet visit, encrypt data

3. If you fear for the interception of personal information, which can be carried out by various methods, then you will need to use special programs, etc.

If you did not know, in some cases, users connected to the local network the provider can receive encrypted data about other users.

Thus, using the Internet if there is a competent neighbor, he will be able to track your actions and naturally, there can be no anonymity on the Internet.

Private access to the Internet is a real opportunity with an accessible functionality that provides protection against the receipt of confidential data. Thanks only to the IP address, users can already calculate your location, so there’s definitely a reason to use protection methods.

How to hide monitor your Internet visits?

It also happens that you need to access the network from someone else's computer or PC that is used by other family members. So that they never know which sites you visited and what you downloaded, activate Incognito mode.

It is now added to almost all browsers, you can simply right-click and open a tab in private mode, or you can use the menu:

Private Internet visit, encrypt data

Turn on and off This mode is possible on any device with Google Chrome browser. In other browsers, there is a similar function, but sometimes it does not work in mobile applications.

If your friend asks to use the Internet, turn on incognito mode so that his passwords, settings and other data are not saved.

Note that when using this method of private Internet browsing, the data on the visited sites is saved by the provider and stored in the work network. The mode is suitable for visiting sites without consequences on the computer itself, you can raise the statement and check the data.

Fully private internet

To access the network, hide behind a mask and ensure complete privacy, use special programs and browsers.

The most convenient way is to download. The program looks like a normal browser, not much different from the same Chrome, but it has one useful feature.

Each time you start your browser, a chain of IP addresses is created through different countries. According to them it is impossible to track exactly where the transition was made. The image shows an example of creating a chain when connecting to the site:

Private Internet visit, encrypt data

The chain begins with the TOP browser, then the IP connection is from the Netherlands, Germany, the Netherlands again, and only then the site opens.

Naturally, this affects the speed, but not much, since the quality proxies are used here. If desired, you can create a new chain for a specific site.

The only disadvantage of using IP chains is reliability. It is difficult to say that data will not be intercepted at one of the nodes.

This method allows you to use the Internet privately.Plus, there is no history, passwords, download data and other information.

Every time you open your browser, everything starts from scratch. There are certain advantages in this and you can easily access sites that have come under the register in Russia.

When connecting to sites, permission is requested to download additional scripts and other information. In this regard, everything is safe, at least for surfing sites is ideal.

No one can determine where you come from or what country you are from. Also removed all censorship in the network, get access even to prohibited resources.

With a strong desire, you can hide behind a mask so that only narrow specialists can trace a person.

It is unlikely that you will interest them, and it is not possible to say for sure whether it will be possible to track someone. The private Internet has its advantages, so every moneymaker should be aware of this possibility.

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