Preroll - advertising on YouTube

Advertising on YouTube helps many businessmen to attract customers and promote their projects.

Video bloggers are willing to add a small ad video to the beginning or end of their video for a fee. All prices are different, as well as the number of views, so you need to correctly select the offers.

Preroll on YouTube where to buy and how much does it cost? You can agree on advertising in a video with almost everyone.

Video blogger revenues largely depend on the number of direct advertisers, so only occasionally you get negative answers. Contact the authors of channels is not difficult, their contacts are always indicated.

Preroll - advertising on YouTube

Preroll - advertising on YouTube

In the field of advertising through video hosting there are many subtleties that novices do not realize. For example, you can pay for advertising on a young channel to place it when there are many subscribers. We wrote a separate article about this - what are options for YouTube advertising.

Prerolls are sold at the beginning and at the end of the video. According to statistics, in the end one of 3 viewers will see the advertisement. If the cost of advertising at the end of the video is 3 times cheaper, then it makes sense to order it.

To purchase a preroll, you first need to establish communication with the author of the channel. There will be no problem with this, write to PM on YouTube or use links to other social networks:

Preroll - advertising on YouTube

The prices for prerolls are different for everyone, you need to request them and it is desirable to immediately keep their own statistics. Create a regular spreadsheet in Excel and record the data on average views, cost of advertising and calculate the coefficient:

Preroll - advertising on YouTube

Now let's deal with the recorded data. For convenience, insert the name of the channel, here you can add contact details (for example, a link to the profile VK).

Views should be calculated on average. Take the last 20 clips, add their views and then divide by 20. The cost is voiced by the video blogger. The coefficient is calculated as follows: views / price . We divide the views on the cost of the preroll and get a certain value.

The scheme is not ideal, but many professionals use it to determine the most advantageous offers.

The higher the ratio, the more profitable it is to order advertising on the channel. If the channels are entertaining, then it is better to choose them with a factor of 20. If these are any business channels or video blogs on the subject of finance, a factor of 5 is sufficient. Consider the target audience, a high ratio helps to choose sites, but it’s not worth checking channels all in a row. Now this topic is quite popular, creating databases is not difficult, and on the Internet they cost money.

Dear, cheap, beautiful preroll on YouTube, all this is not so important. The cost may be very different, but after calculations it turns out that the offer is not so profitable. In general, it is desirable to pay attention to other parameters.

For example, the type of commercials or the type of show. For many video bloggers, some videos gain millions of views, while others do not even reach 100,000.

It is easy to buy a preroll, as well as to find thematic channels and contact their owners. However, the high costs and popularity of the channel does not always play an important role. Sometimes it’s better to pay 10 obscure video bloggers to get the best results.

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