Precautions for working with Webmoney, how to protect your Webmoney?

Many people are sure that the Webmoney system cannot be hacked and it is unlikely that highly skilled hackers will be interested in their accounts for a "small" profit.

However, there are reviews about the loss of funds from electronic wallets. Most often this is due to the negligence of the users themselves.

If you do not want to lose the electronic money that is stored in your wallet, we advise you to read the precautions for working with Webmoney. Observing all the rules of protection against fraudsters, as well as attentiveness will protect you from the actions of fraudsters.

Precautions for working with Webmoney, how to protect your Webmoney?

How to protect your Webmoney?

  1. Never run dubious programs downloaded from unofficial programs. All sorts of money generators and bonus collectors belong to the category of the most dangerous software, no "freebies" exist.
  2. All data for accessing the wallet, including the keys for Webmoney, is not stored on the computer. Scammers can hack into your system and access this data.
  3. Be careful when you receive various files or links via ICQ, Email and other means of communication. The message can even be from your friend who has already been hacked.
  4. Do not exclude the possibility of using your computer by other users, so be sure to set a password to log on to the system.
  5. When you enter the address of a site, be careful, now duplicate sites are very common, which are located on very similar domains.
  6. The password from your wallet can not be transferred to anyone. Even if you are contacted by an employee of the company, he can not tell the password from the virtual account.
  7. Update the client and anti-virus databases as often as possible, since some types of hacks are carried out precisely through viruses.

When using Webmoney money, you will definitely use the browser. It doesn’t matter whether you confirm via the transaction browser or use a wallet without a client, through the website, you also need to take care of the security settings of the program that you use to access the Internet.

Precautions for working with Webmoney, how to protect your Webmoney?

Which browser settings will improve protection?

  • revocation check of server certificates;
  • revocation check of certificates publisher;
  • SSL 3. 0;
  • verification of signatures of downloaded programs;
  • warnings for redirection of completed forms;
  • invalid node certificates warnings;
  • a ban on pop-ups;
  • disabling Java (enabling on demand);
  • disabling processing of ActiveX controls;
  • when you finish working with the browser, be sure to clear cookies.

Sly and experienced hackers come up with more and more sophisticated and unusual ways of hacking into wallets, so it’s impossible to limit them completely. Using all these recommendations, you will definitely increase the security level of your wallet. Protect payments over the Internet, because the problem is relevant.

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