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I am glad that large automatic promotion services acquire their own TV channels. Why happy? Because there are topics that are not read on the blogs in detail and details. The second reason is the opinion of experts. The third reason is food for thought, and which will “give birth” to more than one new article on your own blog. ; Wars in TOPs, etc. Personally, I think that SEO media has long been ripe to give it its own TV space.

practice and theory, examples and tips - Profit Hunter Automatic promotion Mega Index launched a new project Mega Index . TV . When I first opened the project site, I was surprised. I was surprised by who I saw on this page tom channel: Naila Baikov, well-known leader and host of SeoPult. tv. I saw a familiar face. Trust. In general, this moment embellished the first impression. >. TV ? The fact that SEO TV has now become more social:

  • combined practice and theory, examples and tips on website optimization and internet marketing;
  • each the show reveals the most relevant questions;
  • added the ability to leave comments, share videos in social networks, like on Facebook;
  • viewers can ask questions before Starting on the air, i.e., in announcements, which makes the TV channel more interactive for the viewers, which means it is better to sanctify the current and painful one; various contests will be held;
  • ... and a bunch of chips that no one else knows about))

Want to be more advanced in SEO and marketing, have fresh and relevant topics on the ear to discuss on their blogs, get a lot of useful and free information without leaving home? Come on Mega Index . TV .

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