PR text layliner, how to write it?

Some types of articles from copywriters are ordered so rarely that some do not know about them.

Foreign copywriting is more developed, so there is a lot more notation for various text formats. In this article we will look at one of them, in the expanses of Runet, it is increasingly being ordered.

E-mail in copywriting, I give 100% guarantee that some authors see this term for the first time.

What does it mean? This is another kind of articles for PR of the company, which is compiled for the target audience on behalf of the representative (manager) of the company. Of course, this adds weight to the information.

PR text layliner, how to write it?

How to write a layar PR text?

Usually real professionals deal with such a complex type of articles. In most cases, this is news information about the company, but its conclusion always contains the signature of the head of the company, which adds solidity to the position posted.

Material is compiled in such a format, allegedly a person pronounced it out loud. Some compare it with speech writing, as the formats are similar.

That is why, when writing a text, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of oral speech. Not always that which sounds beautiful is also beautifully read.

Outside the Runet (especially in America), specialists who can create laylayers are in demand.

With their help, company owners can:

  • show themselves as a company leader;
  • raise reputation (brand awareness);
  • appear as an expert;
  • improve the company's image;
  • share your views.

Similarities with texts that are written for oral speech are obvious, but there are some differences. The most important of them is the definition of the person on whose behalf the material is compiled.

It doesn’t matter who composed it, the main thing is that in conclusion there is a “serious” surname. Often a bayliner is added to the marketing kit and other materials.

PR text layliner, how to write it?

Periodic and event laylining

If you decide to compile such material, you will have to not only look for examples and read copywriting forums, but also understand the types of laylayers. There are only two of them - periodic and event.

By a periodic publisher they mean a text, the content of which includes a welcome message to readers. The author writes an article in the first person. The material is placed on the first pages and is necessarily accompanied by photographs of the author.

Event handlers are written based on some event. As a rule, a header is set and an appeal is written. In such texts there should be an epilogue with different wishes.

Only occasionally, company owners and management find time to share information, to whom, if not to them, to distribute advice, to compile literate texts, their opinion is important for the target audience.

PR text layliner, how to write it?

The layliners help executives to show that they are not just in high positions. This is an ideal way to show off your knowledge , to establish yourself as a professional and thereby increase the authority of the company.

If you are a copywriter and you have ordered a bayliner, ask for the main idea and write on behalf of the head of the company. The material should be perfect, no water, so only agree on those topics that you are good at.

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