PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter Andy Jenkins (remember this?) Announced a new series of videos on various aspects of earnings on the Internet - Going Natural 3. It is not yet known what will be discussed in other lessons, but this one is definitely dedicated to PPC.

If you have unlimited Internet (video weighs about 140 Mb), be sure to watch the original video (now you can download the videos on the hard drive). The beginning of the video will give odds to other Hollywood blockbusters 🙂

The preamble to this video is the real story when Brad Fallon’s website (Andy’s companion on Stompernet) MyWeddingFavors. com one day in May 2006, flew out of Google, and Brad’s visitors dropped by exactly 50,000 people a month, which naturally could not but affect his business, tied to physical goods, warehouses, personnel and other “charms” "Online offline.

But the solution was found, and this output was in PPC.

Brad and his team attracted visitors through contextual advertising and before the incident with Google, but the expected effect of PPC- campaigns did not bring, so after the site dropped out of the index, the guys decided to radically reconsider the strategy work with contextual advertising.

This is how their new plan looked:

  • raise bids;
  • get rid of most keywords;
  • replace the best ads that show even better results;
  • use the “hidden” features of Google AdWords.

As a result, the turnover of the site is not something that did not fall, but also increased by 80% !

These techniques helped not only Brad. Thanks to them, one of Stompernet’s paid subscribers was able to already in the first month raise $ 13k in revenue from a completely new site, and after a few months, when the site came out on top in Google on the basic request, its picture of profit (for the month ) looked like this:

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

At the same time, she spent less than $ 5000 per month on a paid advertising campaign!

Tesechno described in the video tricks look like :

  1. Hone advertising for visitors who are going to buy something.
  2. Try to push ads to the top of the issue and hold there for as long as possible.
  3. Write ads that give a high CTR and a good conversion.
  4. Raise the Quality Score for your ads.

Now detail by item.

Creating a new advertising campaign

Run at least two campaigns: the first will act as a test site, for the second, if possible, take an ad that has already proven its effectiveness and brought you some profit.

  1. Pause all current campaigns.
  2. Create a new campaign targeting keywords (keyword-targeted).
  3. Select a language and country (here English-USA).
  4. Write the text of the ad. ( Note: When you write the target URL, make the first letters of the words in the domain name capitalized: PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter.)
  5. Make a list of keywords (while writing one key a phrase, for example, baby gifts ).
  6. Set a budget for testing (as much as you do not mind spending on testing ads, i.e., maybe losing).
  7. Set the maximum bid. Open the Traffic Estimator and see the highest bid for your key phrase. Then divide it by two. This will be your maximum bid.
  8. Pause campaign and open settings.
  9. Disable Content Network and Search from partner sites .
  10. In the Ad Display column, select Alternation Method (after testing is complete, you will need to switch to Optimized impression).
  11. Turn on Position Setting .

Item number 1. Look for visitors who are set up to purchase

Hone the test campaign under one key word or phrase. In order not to suffer from a choice, take the most popular word / phrase in your niche (very often, this is the very word that potential buyers enter into the search bar). That is, if you sell children's toys, take the phrase baby toys (baby gifts).

To determine the commercial orientation of a keyword / phrase, open this tool from MSN AdCenter, hammer the word / phrase into the window and see the result.

For example, 94.65% of visitors who are looking for baby gifts are already going to buy something (the data may be inaccurate). While among those who are looking for home made baby gifts potential buyers are only 68.53%, which is also not bad, but they will most likely not buy toys for children, but accessories and materials for their manufacture.

If you want your ad not to pop up on phrases like "home made baby gifts” , sexy baby gifts ideas , free baby gifts and so forth., establish an exact match for your main phrase - enclose it in square brackets ( [baby gifts] .)

Item # 2. Raise your ads in paid delivery

Cheap clicks are, of course, good, but not always beneficial. Judge for yourself:

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

Attention of visitors is focused on the first three ads on the results of the free issue and only the first four ads in the right column.

Not only that the more impressions and fewer clicks an ad has, the worse it is for Google, so the profit from such ads is useless. Look at the calculation that was prepared in the Stompernet laboratory (the figures show the average profit from one click on advertising):

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

Of course, there are specific figures in your niche (and the dependence of the profit on the ad location ) will be different, so you have to do the same test yourself.

It should also be noted here that the highest position in paid issuance does not necessarily imply the highest bids. (For example, Brad pays per click no more than 60 cents). Google prefers those ads that bring him the maximum revenue . Consequently, even if you pay only 10 cents, and your competitor - 20, but you have a CTR of 10%, and he has 4%, your ad will stand higher than his.

Moreover, when you set the maximum bid for your announcements, it’s far from the fact that you have to pay for clicks exactly as much as you indicated. You will pay exactly what you need in order to beat the competition, not more than .

Item number 3. Test ads

If you want to reduce advertising costs and at the same time stay at the top of the paid issue, you have no choice but to constantly test ads and monitor their performance.

All that is testable is the ad title and advertising text. Write two options for the title of the text. As a result, you should have 4 ads:

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

Note: To raise the CTR of ads, be sure to use a key phrase in the header. Google will make it bold in font, and this will increase the chances of being noticed.

Good advertising (fulfillment of all items is desirable, but not necessary):

  • makes a unique offer;
  • solves a pressing problem;
  • warns about risk / danger;
  • helps to more accurately express the visitor's purpose;
  • calls for action;
  • gives an example from life (visitors tend to try others' experiences).

Think about what your potential buyers are looking for and why. If a person is looking for a child's toy, what is his purpose? To please the child, right? So write in your ad:

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

Be careful with the words free / cheap / discount , even if you are offering discounts. It is likely that such advertising will attract many visitors, but there will be little sense from them, because they are initially set up for free, and not for purchases. The number of conversions, of course, is important, but to increase the CTR for the sake of the CTR itself is meaningless - you need not visitors, but buyers .

Ideally, your ad should sell experience (a smile on the faces of children), not a product, an advantage (pleasant emotions), and not a feature (low cost).

After starting a campaign with test ads, you should regularly monitor their performance. As soon as you have 1000 impressions for each ad and one of the ads will show a CTR of 20% higher than the others, consider that you have found what you need. (To streamline your results tracking, put Google Analytics code on the site.)

This ad will be the benchmark for your future test campaigns.

Naturally, comparing a new ad with the fact that it has been effectively working for more than one day (week, month) is meaningless, because the reference ad initially has more weight in Google’s eyes. To neutralize this advantage, create three copies of the reference ad and run them along with the test one. As a result, you should have 5 announcements:

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

If the test ad fails already at this stage, write a new advertisement and repeat the test. If the results are positive, conduct a full test (reference vs. vs. test ad) and leave that announcement that will show the best result.
Disclaimer: All the above actions only work if your landing page shows a high enough conversion. If not, first work on the design of the site, and only then go to PPC. With low quality in AdWords, there’s nothing to do.

Google’s Quality Score largely depends on the following factors:

  • keyword;
  • search query;
  • advertising text;
  • landing page theme.

The stronger the connection between these factors, the higher your quality score. Here are two examples: the first one is worse, the second one is better.

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

Now for more details on what changes can improve the quality indicator of your ads:

  1. Keywords: create a lot of small ad groups and sharpen each group for a specific query.
  2. Promotional text: Use the key phrase in the headline and, if possible, in the advertisement text.
  3. Landing Page Topics: for each ad group you will have to create a separate landing page to which you should apply basic SEO techniques (key phrase in. Title.,. H1. And the text), so that Google immediately understood that it was sharpened.

Item number 4. Use negative keywords

If you are using phrasal and / or broad match for keywords, add negative keywords to the list (they are preceded by a "-").

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

So, if the word homemade is present in the search query, your ad will not appear.

With the help of negative keywords, you can test the effectiveness of ads on a broad, phrasal and exact match. In most cases, the most profit is exactly the same, but testing doesn’t hurt (the standard should be an ad with exact match).

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

Moreover, when you test an ad for phrasal matching, you will find new popular keyword phrases that may be o your attention, For example:

PPC-revelations from Stompernet - Profit Hunter

With new key phrases, you will have to do the same test work as with the main phrase. As a result of all these gestures, you should get targeted traffic, relatively cheap clicks, a high quality score and, accordingly, non-acid profit! 🙂

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