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Daoclick is a new PPC system focused on foreign traffic.

The affiliate program is quite young, but it has already held several contests and is guaranteed to pay its partners ( daily payments! ). In addition, it offers quite high bids, which can be viewed at this link.

Here is a list of the benefits that I found in their branch on the serche:

1. Excellent bids (as I said before).

2. A large set of promotional tools (public feeds, image feed, js feed, daoblocks (ala google adsense). And soon there will be added a few more, completely new ways to insert feed output into doorways, gray sites, etc.,

3. Payments are daily, minimum wage $ 50, we pay in many payment systems (epass, epese, wm, wire), and are ready to add any system you need.

4. Convenient admin and detailed statistics according to your traffic.

5. 70% is the initial percentage, it easily rises if you have good traffic.

6. We are constantly looking for new feed providers to ensure good delivery and great bids. + Our own bidding with our advertisers starts very soon.

And this is just the beginning, the project will be developed and improved day by day.

There is no bad obvious in the affiliate branch reviews.

Registration with DaoClick

* post of advertising character

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