Poverty and wealth. The problem of wealth and poverty

Without having any business and assets, it can be very difficult for a person to begin to realize sources of profit, but all doubts must be overcome. You can start from scratch, and develop your activities to a successful result.

If you have ever been interested in the stories of wealthy people, you must have noticed that most of them, competently managing their activities, got a chance of development. The lack of start-up capital is not an insurmountable barrier , because money can always be earned.

On our blog there are many ways to make money, using which you can earn at least a little money by donating part of your free time.

The stereotype that the starting capital should be huge, not true, you can use a minimum of funds for a start, the most important thing is to come up with a decent idea. For example, let's look at the business of selling apples, this is the first thing that came to mind in the process of writing material.

Poverty and wealth. The problem of wealth and poverty

  1. Having earned a certain amount of money, we invest them in the purchase of a batch of apples and organize their implementation in one of the possible ways. With minimal investment, we get the first profit and instead of its costs, we acquire the next batch, for further implementation.
  2. In order to reduce the expenses of our own time, we hire a person who will sell apples, and share the profit with him. Thus, you increase your free time and can do other work while your asset is developing.
  3. In order to develop business, in the same way we organize additional points of sale for the goods and hire employees for each of them. Naturally, the profit will already be much more, and at the same time you will again have plenty of free time.
  4. The next step in development is the expansion of the range. Add to the list of goods sold a few more varieties of apples and thereby increase our profits.
  5. To reduce costs and transform your business, you can purchase an apple orchard, in which future products will be grown. This kind of development becomes much more serious than all the previous steps.
  6. When profits are serious enough, you can develop your business by organizing the production of apple juice or jam.

Poverty and wealth. The problem of wealth and poverty

Of course, not everything is as smooth as described in this manual, but in your understanding a primitive business plan should look that way. Please note that we have tried to reduce our own time expenditures; if we are fully involved in the business, then neither strength nor time can be left for development.

The path from poverty to wealth is built by everyone and selects a certain field of activity which, in his opinion, is the most promising. As you can see, it is possible to organize earnings even by selling the simplest products, the path from the bench to the factory will be very long, but, nevertheless, you will ensure a comfortable life.

Everyone has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, use it, organize your business and strive for success, there are no unattainable goals.

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