Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

There are many services for remote earnings, and users prefer projects where it is easiest to do work.

Among such systems, click-on sponsors are not the last. Beginners can earn good money on them by completing tasks. And for income to be decent, you need to choose good tasks and use several services at once.

The click sponsor is not as well known as Wmmail or Seosprint, but there are many advertisers on it. Order here browsing the site in the surf and create jobs profitable. There is a special system of promotion for advertisers, so many go to this system to order different cheat.

Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

How to make money in Reklam-invest?

Everybody can register in this service, you need to fill several fields:

Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

When you sign up, you can go directly to the section " Earn " and choose to surf sites or complete tasks . In the surfing of sites, an unusual design is presented, and to go to the preview, you need to click on the block header (after that, a link to view appears):

Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

Like on any other mailer, you you need to wait until the timer runs out and pass the captcha test. A lot of sites are always available in surfing, but you won’t earn much on them, so it’s better to complete the tasks:

Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

It’s not difficult to work on tasks, open any of them and follow the instructions provided:

Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

For convenience, tasks are divided into categories, and you can easily find the type of work that suits you.

Additional earnings on Reklam-invest

The affiliate program of this project offers to earn money on referrals. Depending on how actively you invite new users, your income and rating depend:

Postman Reklam-invest for earnings and promotion of sites

Points are awarded for each new participant, at 0. 5 per person . If you have a Premium account, it is charged at 0. 75 points. Buy this status is not possible, it is issued for the order of advertising.

Every dollar spent on tasks or surfing gives a premium for 5 days. And besides the fact that he raises the number of points for new participants, all Premium users get 50% more than the rating and a higher pay for surfing.

If you carefully looked at the previous image, then you should have noticed a block with rented referrals. Get referrals for rent for the money can not, because they are issued for free.

Each user gets an addition rating for activity:

  • site surfing +0. 1;
  • task execution +0. 3;
  • advertising order, each dollar at 0. 7;
  • referral referral 0. 5.

These points must be spent at the end of the month, otherwise they burn out. It is at these points you can get referrals for rent. To get rented referrals need to apply. For 5 points you get 3 referrals for a week. How much income they bring is hard to say how lucky.

Earned money can be transferred to the advertiser’s balance or transferred to Webmoney and Perfect Money. The commission at transfers is minimal, and the money comes within 72 hours.

Reklam-invest is really easy to make money, and the rating system and points make it possible to significantly increase income. Use all the features of this service and you will never have to think about where to earn money.

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