Post a video and earn on views on Videoseed

For effective advertising on the Internet, many entrepreneurs and owners of large projects record videos.

Advertising and viral video recordings are actively distributed on the Internet and attract thousands of customers. But in order for the video to begin to bear fruit, it needs to be actively disseminated, and for this, many use the special service of Video Sides.

Post a video and earn money on views, this option offers a project to all owners of sites and Vkontakte groups and Odnoklassniki. It is enough to go through a simple registration and provide a high-quality platform to get paid for each video viewing by your visitors.

Post a video and earn on views on Videoseed

Earnings on Videoseed

Registration on the site is standard, fill in several fields and enter your personal account. Here you can add sites. For this, you need to go to the appropriate section and use the special form:

Post a video and earn on views on Videoseed

Both sites and groups on social networks are not difficult to add, you just need to link to them and send them for moderation. It takes from several minutes to several hours.

The moderator necessarily checks the site statistics, so statistics should be attached to them, for example, from the Liveinternet service. The only condition is 300 unique visitors per day. As for groups in social networks, the number of participants should be more than 3 thousand.

When and how many applications you will receive is difficult to say, since everything depends on the activity of advertisers. Having received an application for your site, you approve it and then receive a code, and you also see the statistics:

Post a video and earn on views on Videoseed

In this image you can see that the advertiser has set the payment to 60 kopecks for each view and replenished the account of the job for 240 000 rubles.

At the moment, the video has already collected a lot of views, but the balance on the account is solid , so you can take advantage of the offer and add a video to your website or group to make money.

With each view, money will be credited to your balance, and when the amount of 100 rubles is accumulated, an automatic payment will be made. They are held once a week, on Fridays, and funds can only be received on Webmoney.

Naturally, only unique views are paid. There are videos on different subjects, and the most important thing is that they don’t pay for the entire viewing of the video, after a few seconds the viewing counts. If you have a playground, be sure to add it to this service and collect money from video views.

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