Possibilities of automatic earnings in the network from PostingBlues

Are you interested in effective ways to make money online? Or maybe you have long puzzled by the question - how to become rich and successful without investment? A unique project from the well-known company MayaGroup "PostingBlues", is a real chance to reach the goal! About this amazing project, we will tell in our article.

"PostingBlues" is an automated posting service providing fast mailing ads in various social networks.

Operational advertising with support for posting modes, will allow every interested user to build a successful online business that brings a huge income!

The program for sending announcements works around the clock. In just a few minutes, thousands of people can see the ad, allowing you to effectively promote content and publications.
"Posting Blues" is equipped with amazing functionality and impeccable automation.

The system is optimized for launching on different devices, including a mobile phone. This project is also pleased with the simplicity of management, each registered user can safely store and manage personal publications and ads running in the system.

Possibilities of automatic earnings in the network from PostingBlues

PostingBlues is an automatic advertising system with many advantages

New MayaGroup project providing effective ad placement on the Internet at an incredible speed, it has special advantages:

  • direct marketing is based on social influence;
  • grandiose audience engagement due to instant distribution of content in the most popular social networks;
  • ample opportunity for operational promotion;
  • the ability to attract traffic to the website, which allows you to make the brand recognizable and usable walking;
  • incredible saving of personal time!

The user does not have to spend long hours on the endless copying and forwarding of promotional material. knows everything about social networks, so quickly moving the given content in the right direction. Just a couple of clicks, and your ad will appear on numerous resources of the World Wide Web!

The system is fully automated, has a program of special incentives for active users. Each participant can independently monitor the statistical data in his personal account. The positive technical characteristics also include the availability of two languages, to choose from.

Possibilities of automatic earnings in the network from PostingBlues

How to start working with PostingBlues

So, you have already decided to start a profitable business with a unique project PostingBlues? We will tell in detail where to start and in what format you can post.
For initial registration, you must enter a valid email address. Management is performed using a fairly clear menu on the main page of the program.

Selector "Maya Group" and "M" - links to go to your personal account.

On the main page of the site, the user can manage, analyze statistics, as well as replenish the balance and withdraw funds. Active payment systems:

  • ;
  • ;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Yandex money;
  • VISA / MasterCard.

You can perform the necessary actions on the resource in any sequence. The new project participant can perform the connection of social networks accounts in the "My Accounts" section. To set up publishing options, you need to go to the Add Content blog (this operation is performed using the setup wizard).

Content Base allows editing already published materials. PostingBlues also has a referral earnings program. To cash out and manage your balance, you need to go to the main page of the resource, via the Maya link in the top right menu.

Each user is provided with only one account from which it is possible to pay for connection of tariff packages. Also on this balance comes the means of partner rewards.

The minimum amount to replenish is $ 1, the maximum is $ 1,000. e.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10 (commission for these operations is 20%).

A 3-level referral program operates on the Posting Blues project (25% - 5% - 1%). Withdrawal is made within 5 business days.

Possibilities of automatic earnings in the network from PostingBlues

Place a post in a unique program of quick mailings, can be in this format:

  • photo;
  • description;
  • optional link to the website;
  • search tags.

Maya Group offers the following tariff plans to interested users:

  1. "Test Package", valid for 7 days, absolutely free (allows you to test the effectiveness programs).
  2. "Basic" - provides for 5000 publications in Skype and 600 on Facebook, during the day.
  3. "Advanced fare" - 20,000 posts on Skype and 900 posts on Facebook;
  4. "Maximum" - has no limitations!

The choice is yours!

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