Position Tracking with My Empire Positions (closed project)

Pursuing the promotion of their site, all webmasters want to follow the changes in positions.

Even if you manage to reach the TOP on a specific request, with time, someone can bypass you. This is not very pleasant, but if this happens, and you immediately notice the changes, certain actions will help you to restore positions.

Position tracking from My Empire Positions (site is closed) is an ideal way to always be aware of the queries on which site positions have improved, on which they sank, and which remained unchanged.

Unlike many other similar programs, there are no additional functions and the main task of the software is coping to the top five.

How to check the fall of site positions?

After downloading and the standard installation of My Empire Positions, when you launch it, you will be asked to specify the address of the resource:

Position Tracking with My Empire Positions (closed project)

Add the URL of your site and then add requests. To do this, there is a special button in the menu:

Position Tracking with My Empire Positions (closed project)

You can add as many keywords and phrases as you like, after which you will need to click the "Add" button. To start the scan, you will need to select the Yandex or Google search engine.

It remains only to click "Check All" and wait for the software to collect the report. Initially, you will receive a normal list of the positions of your resource for each request, but if you run the check for the next day, some fields in the table will be highlighted in color:

Position Tracking with My Empire Positions (closed project)

The first column indicates the keywords then comes the position of the site, then the statistics of changes in location, and of the verification date

Green stands for a rising position, blue if the position has not changed, yellow indicates a decrease in position, but the issue page remains the same, but red shows that the page has seriously subsided. Without color, there remained only those requests that did not make it to the TOP, and accordingly were not checked.

My Empire Positions program will definitely be useful to every webmaster of , because the reports received through it are easy and convenient to view. At the same time, you can collect statistics as many times as you like to track changes in positions as quickly as possible.

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