Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

Work on the Internet with cryptocurrencies continues to gain momentum. To receive really substantial sums, it is enough to register on just one site - choose a quality exchange. In the Russian-language Internet there are enough of them, but in the foreign segment there are more worthy projects.

Earnings on the cryptocurrency exchange - trading and loans, these are the main directions.

The trading platform offers the most convenient interface, any beginner will figure out how to buy and sell currency. For loans you can put the scrolling of capital on the machine with the help of a special bot. Money turns around here is not comic, part of them under the power to get you.

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most profitable investment tools in our time. The volatility of their courses makes all large audiences pay attention to the benefits of trading. Against this background, new services appear, without which it is impossible to conduct transactions with virtual money. Exchange cryptocurrency, just the same and provide such an opportunity.

Poloniex appeared in 2014 (US), but despite its relatively short lifespan, it bypassed many of its competitors in popularity. Service is constantly evolving, and the total turnover of funds is growing. It's safe to say that this is the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Users distinguish the following advantages of the exchange:

  • more than 140 currency pairs are available on it, not all exchanges have such a wide choice;
  • Poloniex is not in Russian, but the interface is so convenient that even without knowing English, you can really make money;
  • there are low commissions on the transaction (from 0% to 0. 25%);
  • for ensuring a high level of security, two-level protection and additional verification are provided;
  • technical and analytical tools have been added for traders.

It is not surprising that the exchange has become so popular, it is really convenient and profitable to conduct transactions on it. Traders choose from 140 currency pairs (80 types of crypto money). There are well-known Bitcoins here. At the moment, in terms of turnover Poloniex ranks first among peers.

Registration for Poloniex

To become a project user, just spend a few minutes. The site is popular, when you visit it, check the address bar, there should be a URL Poloniex. com. In the upper right corner there is a link to go to creating an account:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

Be careful when filling out all the fields on the form. It is necessary to indicate the real information (if you are serious, then it is better to go through verification). Everything is simple here, you will understand without knowledge of foreign languages:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

After agreeing to the rules, captcha and pressing the orange button, a letter is sent to the post office, there will be a link for confirmation. Everything is done, now you can click the Sign In button, enter your mail and password to log in to the site.

Verification of your account on Poloniex

It is not necessary to confirm your details, this is done by respectable traders with serious turnover. The most common reason for passing identification is to increase the daily limit for withdrawal of over $ 2000 per day. What do you need to do for this?

  1. In your account, you need to select My Profile, and then fill in the empty fields. Specify the full address, date of birth, phone number, number of identity documents (passport).
  2. Then the scans of the documents are loaded, the numbers of which you indicated in the first step. Plus, be sure to send a photo where you hold the document in your hands.
  3. The next step is the easiest, you need to click Save Profile and thus confirm the changes made.
  4. The verification application is reviewed within 24 hours; if it is successful, you will receive a notification and you will see that the limits on withdrawal have increased.

Poloniex developers added this identification to increase security. Some of their clients hold millions in their accounts. If they have any suspicions, the account is immediately frozen. This owner can easily remove the restrictions.

Deposit account and personal account Poloniex

It is impossible to start trading with cryptocurrency or issuing loans at interest without starting capital. To make a deposit, you need to select the deposit and withdrawal in the Balance section. A table will immediately appear with the types of currencies opposite which the link is located Deposit:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

When you click on this link, additional information appears on the selected currency. Here you need to click on another link:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

It will show the email address of the wallet to which you need to transfer money so that they appear on your balance sheet at the exchange:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

Then everything is simple, using your wallet, make a direct transfer and get any amount up to $ 2000 to your balance.

Cryptocurrency trading on Poloniex

Immediately after making a deposit, you can open the first transaction. It is not hard, but it is difficult to determine what to “pour in” your money, it is impossible to rush. For beginners, we recommend starting with training, without predictions and knowledge is indispensable (just like in regular Forex trading). The first thing you need to do is choose the currency:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

You will see a page that shows the dynamics of the course as a graph. It has various functions to make it easier to follow the statistics. As well as speculation in any other niche, working with the Poloniex exchange involves the purchase and sale of assets.

Naturally, the purchase price must be lower than the sale price in order for the net profit to go out. At any time, it is allowed to enter the market, for this you need to scroll the page, there are such forms:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

You can immediately buy crypto coins at an average price or set a limit, upon reaching which , the transaction will automatically work. The latter form is needed for the sale of assets. Here you only need to specify the price and number of coins.

Everything looks simple, but even the pros can not always build a correct forecast. Therefore, the first step is to figure out what the prices on the cryptocurrency market depend on, what influences them and listen to their own opinion.

Earnings with Poloniex on loans

Many articles are written about trading cryptocurrencies, but few people tell about the possibility of passive earnings with Poloniex. You can provide loans to other participants on a special exchange. There you can get a loan if you need money to trade:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

In the right column are loan offers, in the left-hand offer of borrowers. You can manually use one of them, but the interest there is negligible. The best option - to put the issuance of loans on the machine. You can do this through a special program, here’s the instruction:

  • go to your Poloniex account and replenish your credit account;
  • download the Python bot and install it on your PC;
  • a folder will appear on the disk (C: \ Python27 \), download Lending Bot there;
  • go to the Github page, find the Download ZIP and Clone or download;
  • , open the file, and folder poloniexlendingbot-master find lendingbot. ru to create a new default document. cfg, the automatic issuance of microloans is configured through it;
  • now we are going to our personal account on the exchange to use the API;
  • open access to the API by clicking the Enable API button;
  • we create a new key, click Create New Key and wait for the letter with further instructions;
  • then you need to allow borrowers to receive loans through the Enable Trading button;
  • open default. cfg and place the private and public key data (Secret and Show functions);
  • save the changes and after that, the bot gets access to manage your account to automatically conduct operations according to the specified parameters.

The administration of the Poloniex exchange guarantees complete safety of funds. The money received on credit cannot be withdrawn, and if the trader’s balance approaches zero, the amount is automatically refunded while it is on the balance sheet.

At high interest, no one borrows money, so it’s better to set up automatic work with the exchange and forget about money for a while so that the amount has time to roll.

Withdrawal from Poloniex, how to get the money earned?

It doesn't matter what crypto coins will be on your balance. Through the exchange you can easily exchange them for the desired currency. For example, get at the expense of Bitcoins, then to conveniently transfer them to your wallet. This is done in the same section where the balance is replenished:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

Only in this case you need to click on Withdraw. After this, a form with two fields opens, you need to specify the address of the wallet and the amount. Immediately, a transaction fee will be presented:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

Each transaction on the stock exchange is confirmed, so to withdraw the crypto money you need to go to the post office and follow the link from the incoming letter. After approval of the application, the money is transferred to the account.

Poloniex Exchange - reviews of real people

The audience of users of this project is really large, so finding reviews about the site is easy. Due to the immense popularity of the stock exchange all over the world, one can quickly get acquainted with the opinions of the same people and decide whether to use it:

Poloniex - earnings, registration, verification

I registered on the exchange more than a year ago. The last few years I have been making crypto money on mining , with Poloniex I easily and quickly exchange currencies. I do not bet, because I think it is too hard to predict the courses. Operations are performed as quickly as possible, pleasantly pleased with the minimum commission.

Cryptocurrencies have become the best asset, their courses are constantly floating, which is ideal for earnings. In just one day, changes can be several times. Look at the Bitcoin chart and see for yourself. I earn with Poloniex solely by trading , no competitor compares to the number of assets with this exchange.

Perhaps I would be engaged in cryptocurrency trading if I had time for this. About the site Poloniex learned a little over a year ago, it is a pity that not earlier. Profit comes to me constantly due to the issuance of loans . I agree to any conditions, as long as the amount has increased. Unlike similar sites, everything is thought out to protect against cheaters.

Polonex is rapidly gaining momentum. Miners, traders, lenders and many others work with a crypto exchange. Given current trends, this project will remain in trends for a long time, because now cryptocurrency affects more and more niches.

Now you know how to withdraw from Poloniex, make a deposit and make money. This is not some kind of hyip or scam, but a full-fledged exchange that works with the largest list of crypto coins. Such projects need to know and use, even if they are in English.

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