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Every Internet user can entertain and make money. For this created investment games.

Some people are sure that this is a scam, but there are proven projects from which payments come steadily. In this article we will tell you about one popular game where you need to raise animals to earn.

Economic Podarokvip game, this is a farm simulator for high-yield investments. After registering in this game, you can buy animals and collect different products from them.

Products can be collected at least once a month, it does not burn and does not lose prices. Despite not long term work, payments are made every day.

Podarokvip game for earnings | Workion. ru

The game stopped paying

Profitable contributions to the game Podarokvip

All newcomers who have registered for free receive a chicken. It is the cheapest animal and costs only 60 rubles ( 6000 silver ). Every hour she brings 10 eggs that you need to collect in order to sell later. The profitability of one chicken is minimal, so by investing a little money, you will increase profits.

To make a deposit in the game, only one option is offered - the payment system. Silver course 1 rub. = 100 ser. .

With each recharge you will receive bonus + 5% .

After making a deposit, go to the animal store and spend money. The more you bring into the game, the more expensive and profitable you can buy animals:

Podarokvip game for earnings | Workion. ru

As you can see, the cost of animals is very different, as well as their performance. After buying the animals in your farm products will be displayed. Sometimes it is necessary to enter the profile to collect:

Podarokvip game for earnings | Workion. ru

When you collect the products you need to exchange it for silver through the market:

Podarokvip game for earnings | Workion. ru

From the received funds 50% is charged to the account for withdrawal , the same amount is transferred to the account for purchases.

Money can be withdrawn from the account for withdrawal only if you replenished the balance by more than 100 rubles.

You can order payments on Payeer or Webmoney. Manual payments are made, applications are processed within an hour.

Interesting at Podarokvip

  • exchanging money from the account for withdrawal, a + 5% bonus is charged;
  • a daily bonus brings from 10 to 100 silver;
  • the risk bonus can increase or decrease the balance by 200 silver;
  • in the piggy race you can bet on pigs running;
  • you can interrupt bets at the auction and pick up the total bank;
  • a bought ticket to the lottery for 100 silver can bring from 200 to 500 silver;
  • for the attracted referral give 10 silver and transfer 20% of its deposits;
  • if Your referrals will make the most money in the game. You compete referrals contest and get up to 5000 rubles.

Making money with the game Podarokvip is not at all difficult, and you can create a source of passive income with minimal investment. The sooner you sign up for this project, the sooner you start collecting products and withdrawing decent money.

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