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I just recently thought that, let's say, I have a blog with a bunch of posts. But the quality of entries in it is not up to par (in my opinion, there is no point in investing in high-quality unique texts of 10 cu. For 500 words and more, if the profitability of a niche is not completely clear). And this blog is starting to rise to tasty requests and even brings some targeted traffic that can be converted not only to AdSense.

In such a situation, I would very much like to replace the old low-quality posts with new ones, more interesting and more interesting for the reader, wouldn’t it? The best way out of this situation was a 301 redirect. But I don’t have the technical knowledge to implement such a redirect on the blog (I guess what to do is that two fingers on the asphalt, but the humanities he is the humanities).

And yesterday I came across a plugin for WordPress, with which you can easily put the 301st redirect in seconds.

The plugin allows:

  • to put the 301th redirect from any post or page on the blog to any other post or page (at least on your blog, at least on someone else's);
  • Select the time and day of the redirect activation.

The plugin can be useful in cases where:

  • the post quickly becomes outdated and then has no value for readers;
  • you write better post on the topic and want to replace them with the old post;
  • you need to add a post of reference weight and you want to do this at the expense of several other posts.

Link to download the plugin here.

Installation is standard.

To put a redirect, you just need to specify the target URL and the time for its [redirect] activation.

Plugin for the 301th redirect - Profit Hunter

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