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For certain, you have repeatedly noticed that the pages from Wikipedia, even if there are only a couple of lines of text on them, have a very high PR. Also, you probably noticed the fact that on each page there are a lot of links to other pages of the resource, and all outgoing links are closed nofollow. Consequently, high PR figures for the pages of this site in most cases are achieved by internal linking. So many other authoritative and not-so sites do, so this practice cannot be considered an optimizing evil .

You can also use this approach on your blog. The only problem is that if you do everything manually, then you will bother with cracking the base and inserting links. Ideally, internal re-linking should be carried out automatically.

And here the plugin Internal Link Building will help you.

The principle of the plugin is extremely simple: in the settings you specify the beak word and prescribe the URL of the page to which this word should refer. Plugin wool base and affix links wherever it finds the word.

Here are some features and advantages of the plugin:

  • the plugin does not rewrite the links you put (or added earlier) manually;
  • you can use the Exact option if you like Match to make the plugin case sensitive;
  • for the same key you can use several page URLs (to do this, you need to separate the URLs with a vertical bar (|)); by the same principle, you can use several keywords for one URL;
  • the installation of the plug-in is standard: you need to upload the plugin to the Plugins folder and activate it in your admin panel;
  • there is the ability to import a list of keywords and urlov in. csv-format;
  • you can put nofollow into separate URLs;
  • you can use an apostrophe inside the keyword;
  • the plugin ignores keywords that are inside the link with the text in the post (for example, http: // seoroi. com / seo-consulting-services /);
  • the plugin does not put a link if the URL of the post coincides with the destination URL for the keyword;
  • the plugin puts links inside lists and quotes;
  • if you have 6 keywords in the plugin database and your goal to put only 3 links in the body of the post, these links will be placed on different key fishing, even if some words are repeated in the text several times;
  • plug Internal Link Building is working with the plug Simple Tags .

Tool needed. If you frequently update your blogs, it will definitely come in handy.

Download link.

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