Platnijopros - pass a survey and get money

Each user can secure a stable additional profit from the Internet.

For example, you can register on the questionnaire sites and from time to time receive questionnaires for which you pay money. As a rule, such questionnaires come several times a month, so this type of earnings can only be additional.

Earnings on surveys with

will suit every user.

All you need to do is to go through the usual registration, after which offers will be sent to the Email with the completion of surveys. They are ordered by large companies to find out what the consumer needs and how to develop their activities.

Platnijopros - pass a survey and get money

Instructions for earning at Platnijopros

All new users are charged 10 rubles on their balance , this is a welcome bonus The rest of the money you can earn by filling out forms.

When you register on the site and fill in information about yourself, provide as much information as possible. You can lie a little, for example, that you have different animals, children at home, you own a car and so on. All this is necessary in order for you to fall under more criteria when selecting respondents.

Besides the fact that polls from large companies appear periodically, you can take a daily survey every day:

Platnijopros - pass a survey and get money

There are no daily polls on any other questionnaire from the system. Due to this survey, you can easily figure out how to fill out questionnaires:

Platnijopros - pass a survey and get money

There are no simple questions or the right answers to them, you express your opinion and tell about yourself.

Affiliate Program Platnijopros

Filling out forms is not the only way to make money with this system. Here you can attract referrals. Under the terms of the affiliate program you will receive 10% of the money earned by the users you invited.

You can get banners and place them on your website or on forums. You can also use the form of invitations:

Platnijopros - pass a survey and get money

A special link will be added to the letter so that the system determines that you have invited a new participant. For starters, you can tell Platnijopros to your friends (on Facebook or Vkontakte).

Withdrawal from this questionnaire is made to Webmoney wallets. In the withdrawal section you will need to specify the wallet number and the amount to withdraw:

Platnijopros - pass a survey and get money

As you can see, you need to dial at least 300 rubles to receive the payment. On other questionnaires, this amount is significantly higher (by - 1000 rubles ).

After sending the withdrawal request, do not forget to confirm the transaction via e-mail (a special letter will arrive).

If you meet the criteria of daily surveys, then the minimum salary can be collected in just 10 days . On average, 50-200 rubles are paid for one regular survey, so at least once a month you can withdraw money from here, spending just a few minutes.

Nearly 2 million users are already registered on Platnijopros and they all receive additional income from this service.

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