Pinocchio's strategy for binary options, how to trade?

Binary options is one of Forex trading tools that is becoming more and more popular.

Now many traders use it actively, since trading options is much easier. In addition, you can get serious money and the fall of currencies, but you have to do numerous tests and take great risks.

To reduce the likelihood of losing your investment, you can use different techniques.

Many strategies have been created for binary options, but you need to understand that they all do not guarantee a 100% gain . Pinocchio's strategy for binary options is one of the most popular now, we will tell you how to use it.

Pinocchio's strategy for binary options, how to trade?

Trading with Buratino's strategy

The essence of this strategy is to find the so-called " Buratino's nose ", which is a long shadow on the chart . It was built on the principle of reversing the graph in the opposite direction, after the graph went up or down.

It is difficult to catch such a moment, but if you learn how to do it, binary options will definitely become more profitable:

Pinocchio's strategy for binary options, how to trade?

For ease of use of the Buratino strategy, it is better to go to the candle chart. When the "nose" appeared, you need to wait a little for the next candle to increase:

Pinocchio's strategy for binary options, how to trade?

This chart presents an example of the ideal situation for applying the strategy of Pinocchio and buying the option "Below". Similarly, it would be necessary to buy options for a price increase, if the schedule changed in the opposite direction (i.e., the green candle was the last one).

What should be remembered when using the strategy of Pinocchio?

  • to look for suitable situations taking into account three candles;
  • the smaller the candle in the middle the better it is;
  • the shadow of the middle candle must be much larger than the candles that are nearby;
  • to be sure of the forecasts, use different indicators of binary options.

Sooner or later, a situation will surely appear on the chart that is suitable for Pinocchio, you just need to wait for the best moment:

Pinocchio's strategy for binary options, how to trade?

You can't rush here, because do not correctly determine the situation, the strategy does not work and you lose money.

Successful traders know that they need to stay cool in making deals and wait a long time for the right moment to make a profitable bet with a high chance of winning.

The strategy of Pinocchio requires constant monitoring of positions, but if you manage to catch the right moment, you can be sure that your bet will play.

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