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When creating articles, you should always remember about their attractiveness, because the better the material, the better it affects the results.

It doesn't matter if you are a copywriter, a blogger, or you are filling a group on social networks, you need to remember that pictures are an important part of articles.

When adding images to text information, you attract attention to it, which means that visitors spend more time on websites, and copywriters often buy quality materials.

But even such a simple process as using pictures for articles is accompanied by some subtleties.

Pictures and text content | Workion. ru

Not so long ago we published an article with a question. Are your site images relevant? He was addressed to all webmasters, because many add images that just look good, but are not related to the topic of the material. You should not use such pictures, as this may negatively affect optimization.

In addition to the relevance of pictures, it is necessary to take into account their uniqueness. Here everything is the same as with the texts, if the images are not unique, while ranking the page, it has less chance to reach the TOP.

Where can I get unique pictures for the site? Be sure to read this article, where we presented a vivid example of creating original images. The only negative is that you have to use other people's pictures, and this is also not good.

As for copywriters, many of them, without hesitation, insert not unique images, just to sell the text. If you want to turn copywriting into a stable activity and gain a large base of regular customers, you will need to sell only unique content (including pictures).

If a customer has a problem because of this, he is unlikely to want to continue working with you.

Where do you get pictures, if not from the Internet?

Almost everyone has a camera to which you can take photos for posts on the site. In addition, do not forget about Photoshop, with which you can at least make a colorful background and write the necessary text on it.

Using unique pictures in articles is good for everyone. The webmaster receives quality information, it is more convenient for users to study the material, and the copywriter deserves respect and positive feedback.

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