Phrases / Expressions Module 1. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Phrases / Expressions Module 1. Day 3 - Profit Hunter


The two most associated with Internet marketing are traffic and competition. In this lesson we will look at them in more detail. In particular:

  • Understanding traffic estimates
  • How the page ranking develops over time
  • why we use expression matches for traffic
  • why we we use phrases matches for competition

Traffic rating

Phrases / Expressions Module 1. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Every time you enter a keyword in Google, the search engine takes note of them. Subsequently, Google creates estimates of how many people used this keyword or phrase. This information is very important for us, because it helps to estimate traffic for this key request, which means we can estimate the potential traffic to our site.

For a keyword phrase, Google can help us develop three different traffic estimates - 1) by exact match (exact match), 2) by match for phrase, and 3) coincidence in expression (broad match). Consider an example. Take the key phrase " trout fishing ” ( trout fishing ).

Exact match on the keyword

What is exact coincidence? This is when the user uses the keyword exactly the same as " trout fishing ” ( trout fishing ) , 1: 1.

Match the phrase

How many people search for a phrase containing our keyword " trout fishing ” ( trout fishing )? This may include examples such as " trout fishing tips ” ( trout fishing tips ), " trout fishing in New Zealand ”( New Zealand trout fishing vacations ), etc.


Now let's take a look at the broad correspondence of the traffic estimate. Broad match refers to phrases containing the words " catch " and " trout "in any order, along with other words. This includes Naturally, matching phrases, but with a wider content, for example, " tips for catching trout from a boat ", " trout fishing in the rain ", " catching sea trout " , etc. e.

Why is the different type of traffic important?

Phrases / Expressions Module 1. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

In order to answer this question, we need to take a look at how Google develops a rating over time.

When you create and launch your website, Google launches its own robots or scanners to check the website. They analyze the content of the pages, the number and type of links that link to your site, and then ranks your site by keywords and phrases that relate to the subject of your site.

As new content is published, new backlinks are created, Google analyzes your site each time and sets a different ranking rating for it.

When the site is zero, it is important that an exact match, because it clearly defines the subject of your site. Google is important to know what you do there. As your site becomes more popular, search queries will gain already weight for both phrases and broad match. It is like a brand. No need to explain for a long time when we say “cheeseburger.” We perfectly understand what it is and who makes it. The same with PS.


traffic in Google you can set both an exact query and a broad match request. If you enter a regular query catch trout - this will be a request for a wide coincidence:

Phrases / Expressions Module 1. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

As you can see in the picture, as a result of the issue there are sites that match both the exact phrase and individual words.

To execute a query by exact match, the keyword should be entered with quotes " trout fishing ":

Phrases / Expressions Module 1. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

As a result, there will be fewer pages, because the request is more accurate and excludes a wide Compliance.

There are other rules when making requests. But more on that later, when we learn to make advertising ads. During the marathon we will check all these types of traffic.

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