Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

Many users do not pay attention to cryptocurrency. Some people consider this direction too difficult, others are sure that it takes huge investments to make money.

In fact, you can take part in free giveaways and secure yourself a promising income, albeit not immediately, but it's simple.

Bounty without reports (automatic check) on - this is a great option for collecting tokens that are just starting to be implemented.

Different Bounty are added here, you need to go through the usual registration to start collecting coins. All you need to do for this is to use your accounts from social networks.

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

How does Bountyguru work?

This is the same aggregator of the county as or. Here come the developers of new projects to add your ICO.

They are provided with a convenient interface for finding users who are ready to help promote projects through social networks for a fee.

It is charged in tokens, each developer himself decides how many coins from the issue to allocate for distribution.

Professionals with 20 years of experience created this system. In addition, marketers are working here, who have already successfully conducted an ICO and in total have collected over a million dollars.

The company's office is located in Minsk, there are some awards. The main task is to make the most convenient service for crowdfunding (collecting investments for the development of projects).

For bounty hunters, access to the resource is absolutely free, so you can start getting coins right now.

Main advantages of Bountyguru

The project's functionality is constantly expanding, its reputation is getting stronger. Reviews on the Internet is full, most often they are published in the form of videos on YouTube. Thousands of users have already registered, and they distinguish from the advantages of the service:

  • simple tasks (likes, subscriptions, reposts, etc.);
  • the ability to perform tasks not only through social networks;
  • tokens can be obtained for translations (articles, posts, websites);
  • it is convenient to simultaneously participate in different bounty programs;
  • it is also convenient to add your ICO to the system;
  • choice of rewards is available (Stakes or tokens);
  • the total number of participants in the Bounty is limited;
  • from promoted accounts it is possible to get increased signposts;
  • no reports need to be sent, verification is automatic;
  • additional tokens are paid for attracting referrals;
  • developers have big plans for the future;
  • recently added a BG balance, release their tokens;
  • you can get a manager to hold your bounty.

By the number of available companies, the service is inferior to many competitors. In particular, the project, which is now the most distributions.

Most likely this is due to the fact that the system has not yet gained immense popularity and is trying to monitor the quality of ICO, so that customers are more likely to sell the received coins later.

Registration for Bountyguru

Unfortunately, there is no Russian language on the site, but it is not difficult to use it. To open a profile, you need to fill out a simple form and confirm registration by mail. Please note that you will need to specify the Ether Adress:

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

All tokens are attached to the Ethereum wallet, and if you do not have one, go to. This is the easiest and most popular online wallet with support for tokens ERC20.

After normal registration, you will receive a unique account address and here you will be able to follow the balances of tokens.

When they appear on the stock exchange, they can be transferred and exchanged for more well-known cryptocurrencies (for example, Bitcoins). The video above shows how tokens are added to the wallet, this is done in a couple of simple clicks.

How to get tokens on Bountyguru?

The first thing to do after logging into your personal account is to connect your accounts. Click on your name, select the Profile item and the buttons will be presented on the page. Click on them and log in (the pages are connected in different ways):

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

Now you can go to active companies. At the moment there are 7 of them, you can immediately see in the list a brief description of how many days the distribution will last, how many coins are allocated for it, and what course of tokens the developers set:

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

After choosing one of the ICO, you get to the page with a more detailed description of the project. There will also be links to the official website and WhitePaper, i.e. you can familiarize yourself with the project yourself. First, click the Settings button to enter your ETH address:

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

Below you will see all available tasks. Payment can be not only in tokens, but also in Stakes. These are points that users earn.

Then, based on their number, a certain percentage of the selected coins is charged.With the help of a translator it is not difficult to understand the conditions:

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

Here is a simple example where you need to post reposts on your Facebook page. Account age of 6 months, the link must be active. For the week you need to place 7 posts, that is, one each day.

How many Stakes you get depends on the number of friends added. After adding a profile in the settings, instead of the "Connect Facebook" button, there will be a "Participate" button:

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

When you click it, you join the company and now a new one appears in place of this button button to track statistics. All rewards for completed tasks will be displayed there.

You do not need to submit any reports, just do repost and see how you get Stakes.

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

How many tokens will I get? The most common question for newbies. It all depends on how many coins the developer has allocated on the bounty.

The number of participants’s stakes is calculated and as a percentage, they receive a portion of the selected coins. Due to the fact that the total number of participants is limited here, the amounts are normal.

Bountyguru Affiliate Program

Terms of referral fees are not listed on the site, but the developers added a BG balance to their personal account. When you click on it, an affiliate link opens.

The only thing known is that additional tokens are received not only by referrers, but also by those who register by their link.

Reviews of Bountyguru

The service appeared at the end of 2017 and managed to get a good reputation. Many user posts have been added to the official BitcoinTalk thread.

There, people not only asked questions to the manager, but also shared their successes. Some managed to get coins that were later added to the exchanges:

Performing tasks for tokens without sending reports to Bountyguru

Support is only in English, but there are managers. In addition, you can always ask for help from your referrer. Reviews of the Bounty Guru are good, many rated the automatic check of reports, but would like to see more added companies here.

Other current bounty programs

New distributions of tokens are launched almost every day. You need to constantly monitor this and learn to determine which projects have prospects. My experience helps to find the most interesting Bounty, I constantly talk about them in videos on my channel, here is one of them:

Unfortunately, collections quickly lose their relevance, because of the time such programs are limited. I recommend to go to the channel and find the latest videos, where I talk about the latest bounty.

It is not necessary to use the Bounty Guru, some developers offer to perform tasks through their official sites.

It is difficult to believe that some tokens can take off in price. Also hard to evaluate new projects. When participating in the Bounty, you need to count on prospects. Some coins will definitely fall on the stock exchange and then they can be exchanged for real money.

How long it will take to assume this will not work, but it is better to buy a lottery ticket than to just dream of a big win.

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