Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress

It would seem that it may be easier to download a ready-made template for a CMS and launch a new resource in just a few minutes.

In practice, this is too complicated. It’s not so easy to pick up a ready-made template, they have their drawbacks, and it’s difficult to make a design, the designs are good in their own way.

The high-quality WordPress theme is in the TOP of the most popular 2016 templates in numerous versions.

It is used by professionals, its developers have combined all the best in one project. The original design is presented in various scales, and the layout is thought out to the smallest detail.

Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress

Best WordPress Theme

When creating a template, emphasis was placed on launching a portfolio and blogs. Therefore, a beautiful and high-quality presentation of the content is provided. The interface is extremely simple, but not outdated. The appearance of the layout meets the basic requirements of webmasters.

See how to install the template on WordPress, it may be time to update the design of your resource.

All popular bloggers have already unsubscribed about the topic. It has a lot of advantages, among them stand out:

  • it is easy to use;
  • readers are comfortable learning the content;
  • changing fonts and colors in one click;
  • 3 widgets are immediately added to the footer;
  • the built-in slider is available;
  • the theme is free, there are no restrictions;
  • for blogs this is an ideal template ;
  • a lot of settings for the administrator.

The only negative is the absence of the Russian language, but with the help of the CodeStyling Localization plug-in, the problem is quickly solved. Due to the flexible settings, the theme is fully convertible, in its original form it looks like this:

Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress

To acquaint you with this project in more detail, let's take a look at the main settings sections.

The template has quite a lot of them, some of the original functions:

  1. General settings - the largest section of parameters, where links to pages on social networks are indicated, the menu is customized , navigation, home page and much more:
  2. Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress
  3. Design settings - for the convenience of changing color schemes, this template has several basic parameters to replace all colors on the site at once:
  4. Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress
  5. Layouts - forget about the location of the content manually; in the Pinboard theme there are several position distribution templates available. The contents of the columns are also indicated here, and there are additional parameters:
  6. Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress
  7. Font customization is another section with a huge number of parameters. The fonts of the headings and the main body of the article, their size, style, color and so on are set separately:
  8. Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress
  9. SEO - where without optimization, but not many options are available in this template. Tags, headings and widgets are still available, this comes in handy for basic optimization:
  10. Perfect theme for blog and portfolio on wordpress

Experienced WordPress users understand how much this is possible. One free theme, and how many interesting things, plus a wide appearance setting, which allows you to achieve the original appearance.

Similar topics are not as common among free templates. Here, the developers did their best, so the project gained such popularity. Use relevant topics, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and the appearance of the resource will be fresh.

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