Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?

Vkontakte daily attendance already exceeds 20 million users.

This is an impressive figure, but from this audience not all are well aware of the functions of a social network. Some newbies do not even know how to place a favorite entry on their wall or add a comment to it.

How to make a repost and repost Vkontakte? We decided to create a detailed instruction, so that everyone can easily share interesting later through his page.

Newbies also do not know anything about making money on social networks, and in fact it can bring good money, even if there is no popular page.

Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?

What is the difference between repost and repost? In general, nothing, except that the repost is considered to be a simple addition of a record to the wall, and a repost, addition to it of some other information.

Although it can be considered absolutely identical concepts. To add a post to your wall, you need to do the following:

  1. Find any record, move the cursor to the heart (or press it), after which the dialog box with link to tell friends. Just click on it and the record appears on the page:
  2. Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?
  3. If you want to add any comment to the repost, press the "Share" button (next to "Like") and write any text:
  4. Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?
  5. The same function helps to place repost in the community or to make repost in private messages. To do this, select an audience, group or individual user:
  6. Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?
  7. If you are sitting on Vkontakte via a mobile device, it is somewhat more difficult to share the recording. First you need to click on the horn icon, and then select the audience with which you want to share the record:
  8. Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?
  9. I would like to say separately about the repost of the Vkontakte group. To make it, you need to click on the "Share to friends" button under the community avatar. You will also be asked to choose with whom exactly you would like to share the post:
  10. Pereposty and repost Vkontakte how to do?

It’s easy to share posts on your wall , you can even earn. Put likes, retweets, repost for money, it does not bring huge profits, but at least on the phone you will always have a refilled balance.

Now you know how to repost Vkontakte and can take part in various sweepstakes, carry out small assignments, participate in cheats or help other people, advertise something.

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