People who have achieved success on the Internet

It is difficult to force yourself to do some business, let alone launch a project, hoping only for prospects.

Many people tried to build a business and failed, but there are those who succeeded. If you find out how they acted and what they needed, this will be the best motivation.

Successful earnings stories on the Internet can be listed indefinitely. The same Mark Zuckerberg, was a student and he is not from a rich family, and now his company has a multi-million dollar turnover. The real success story, of which there is a huge variety on the Internet.

People who have achieved success on the Internet

History of my successful earnings

I would like to start this article with the history of my enrichment. Once I was a newbie, I was interested in making money on the Internet, but I was not a programmer, I did not understand anything at all in creating websites, and so on.

In parallel with training for a car mechanic, I began to actively use click sponsors. As you already understand, this was only a hobby, because my profession has nothing to do with what I do now.

The Wmmail project still brings me a good income, because after a year of active work I was given the position of moderator and I still attract referrals, remaining in first place in TOP by the number of invited referrals:

People who have achieved success on the Internet

How did I manage to get to the first place? I used to invite people in my ref. the system, bought referrals, ran tasks, but soon realized that this was not all that could be done without professional knowledge.

The click sponsor already provided a profit , but I wanted to earn even more:

People who have achieved success on the Internet

By that time I went to study as an assistant captain in the technical fleet . Together with training, I actively studied website building and in particular blogging. This helped me to create a site from which I manage to attract referrals to many systems.

For example, I started using other books, Seosprint also consistently pays out profits:

People who have achieved success on the Internet

Money comes from different sites, little by little it is possible to collect decent amounts, but the main The source of profit for me was one economic game.

It is called, every day I order a payment of 12,000 rubles from it:

People who have achieved success on the Internet

Of course, such an income cannot be compared with what Zuckerberg earns, but I and do not consider myself a super programmer, do not study complex technologies, and so on.

I get good money and I am satisfied with it. This is how a newcomer, whose profession is absolutely not connected with the Internet, can receive more than 300,000 rubles a month.

Other Success Stories on the Internet

Internet users constantly appear among people who manage to achieve serious heights. Their secret is simple - they invent something original or they are actively working.

It helps to achieve your goals, although sometimes a simple project turns into a full-fledged business:

  1. Ashley Colls. At the age of 14, a talented girl opened her own website, and before that she started posting her design work on social networks. Only she needed $ 8 to open a case, she borrowed them from her mother.

    She was just drawing and expressing herself, and when hundreds of thousands of people started visiting the project, advertisers and customers were interested in them. The annual profit of her project is more than a million dollars; her friends from childhood still work for her.

  2. Markus Frind. His professional activities were related to the Internet, but he was not a professional. In the 2000s, dating sites began to appear actively, but to register for them, you had to pay money.

    Marcus made his project with free registrations, but he earned good money only after 5 years. In 2006, he received $ 10,000 each from Google Adsense, but he continued to work on the site alone. Now his income is in the millions, although not so many employees work in the company.

  3. Chad Hurley. Virtually no one knows this name, as the owner of YouTube is now Google. In fact, video hosting is not the development of the largest corporation. This project was launched by Chad, in April 2005 the first video was loaded there, and six months later, its creator was offered $ 1.65 billion.

    Naturally, he agreed and became a billionaire. Look at the design of this site and its concept. Nothing complicated, just Hurley came up with and realized the original idea.

It is possible to cite as an example people who have already achieved huge capital indefinitely.

Someone came up with something new, someone actively worked and believed in a prosperous future, and some simply expressed themselves. Who knows what the path to big money is meant for you , but with folded hands you will not find it for sure.

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