PaySafeCard payment. How to use PaySafeCard?

The state of almost all countries seeks to make electronic payments transparent.

There are too many fraudsters on the network, so there are new laws governing these issues. Nevertheless, different schemes remain, to bypass the law and hide behind the mask during the next Internet transfer.

The PaySafeCard payment system is unusual and the site has no Russian localization. There are also no sales points in Russia, which makes it a bit more difficult to use.

It works at the expense of cards, they are issued with a certain balance, and the client uses money for cashless payments. You can search online for intermediaries who send PaySafeCard cards to every corner of the planet .

PaySafeCard payment. How to use PaySafeCard?

This payment system is very different from its counterparts. Users have no internal balance and cannot exchange PaySafeCard, transfer them and perform other operations. They are given a card with which you can pay something or make a deposit.

Of the most popular ways to use maps, you can highlight the balance in Skype.

If you decide to buy PaySafeCard, then on the official website look for points of sale. In Russia, they are not there, so you will have to look for private offers in a burzhunete:

PaySafeCard payment. How to use PaySafeCard?

The payment scheme for an invoice is unusual, but there are many admirers abroad. The main plus is the ability to make anonymous payments. The card comes without your data, so no one will ever know who exactly paid the payment.

It’s not at all necessary to receive a card in your hands, the most important thing is the code that is under the protective layer:

PaySafeCard payment. How to use PaySafeCard?

It helps cardholder transfer money. There are many advantages to PaySafeCard cards, people buy them for the following reasons:

  1. Confidential purchases - spend money on cards, at least for questionable purchases, at least for gambling, but at least for that , still no one will know about it. To buy a card, no personal data is required, as well as when using the card.
  2. Fast payment - the entered codes from cards are activated instantly, no waiting, this is an absolute plus.
  3. Cards with different denominations - the client knows in advance how much he pays and how much he receives. Cards are specially divided into several types at par.
  4. Convenient bills - what could be more difficult than entering a code that is under a protective layer.
  5. High security - you will not have any passwords and accounts, fraudsters simply have nothing to hack, and the codes are generated so that they can not be guessed.
  6. Accessibility in any country - becomes a problem when you need to make a payment to Europe or another state. Maps work regardless of geo-location.
  7. Commissions - there are none; if you pay with a card, no additional payments are made, the amount equivalent to face value is written off.

The number of services accepting PaySafeCard cards is constantly increasing. These are mainly online casinos, acquaintances, telephony and various services:

PaySafeCard payment. How to use PaySafeCard?

While there are no points of sale of PaySafeCard cards in Russia, our compatriots do not actively use them. Perhaps in the future they will appear, because the Russians are also interested in anonymous payments.

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PaySafeCard cards are not VISA or MasterCard, they are intended for other purposes. The number under the protective layer is the most valuable, it can not be reported to anyone and pass.

If you need a card exchanger, use monitoring. At the moment there are no available exchange offices, but their list is constantly updated.

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