Payment system Yandex. Money, use Yandex Money

Many payment systems function in RuNet and you may not even have heard about some of them (for example, Okpay or W1).

But there are also popular services such as

. The opening of this payment system took place in 2002, and during its existence both "failed" and "rose".

Anyone can open a wallet in this system, for this you do not need to pay money, just register with Yandex. Given the development of the project, opening an account in it will open you a lot of additional benefits.

Payment system Yandex. Money becomes more and more popular, and therefore it is used more and more often to receive payment.

Payment system Yandex. Money, use Yandex Money

Using Yandex Money

To become the owner of the wallet in the system, you need to go to the Yandex home page and find a link to register . It will take quite a bit of time, the form of the following:

Payment system Yandex. Money, use Yandex Money

When you fill in all the fields and pass the registration, you can go to the Yandex service. Money and open wallet. The account management interface is convenient and simple:

Payment system Yandex. Money, use Yandex Money

This menu will be displayed in the side panel of your wallet. At the very top of the invoice number is indicated, it can be transferred to other users and specified in various systems to receive money.

There are 2 links under the balance for depositing or withdrawing funds. The remaining items will help you track payments, set up your wallet, view accounts, make payment history, and so on.

If you scroll a little, you can observe the tools to use your money:

Payment system Yandex. Money, use Yandex Money

You can easily withdraw money to a card, bank account, transfer to other users, pay taxes or fines, top up your phone balance and more. Recall that since May 16, a new law came out, according to which, without confirming the data, most payment instruments become unavailable.

To remove restrictions, you will need to provide passport information or pass verification. We described both processes in detail in the article How to verify a Yandex account. Money.

Disadvantages of Yandex Money

From the negative sides of this payment system, I would like to single out work exclusively with Russian rubles, as well as a low level of security.

In the article Theft of Money from Yandex. We told the money in more detail about the security of this project, and also indicated the need to verify the account, which would increase the level of protection. And the fact that the system works only with rubles, limits the possibility of its use on foreign sites.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from Yandex Money

You can replenish your wallet in different ways:

  • via online banking ;
  • through offices;
  • with bank cards;
  • using money transfer systems;
  • bank accounts;
  • through terminals;
  • from a mobile phone.

Separately, I would like to say about the method of depositing through exchangers. Thanks to the project, you can make an exchange for Yandex. Money from any other virtual currency, be it Webmoney, PayPal, QIWI and so on. The only negative - wallets must be tied.

Withdraw money from Yandex. Money is also not difficult, but for this it is necessary to provide passport data (not verification). After that, it will be enough to indicate the card number and the amount of the transfer, the money comes in almost instantly.

In addition, use Yandex. Money can also be used for other purposes, for example, to make a purchase at the largest virtual store with the lowest prices.

In general, this is an excellent system where you do not have to overpay a high commission. Also, when making various payments, the system will provide you with various bonuses, some of which are available to other participants. For example, if you buy votes Vkontakte through Yandex. Money, you can get a 20% discount.

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