Payment system PayPal, how to make an electronic card?

Among the many payment systems, a project that is used throughout the world and has a high level of security is highlighted.

Almost all major services accept money through PayPal, so every Internet user needs to open a wallet in this system .

To register and become a PayPal account holder is not difficult, but to use the system, you will need to use a card. Payments are made through any cards, including electronic ones. No card? We will tell you how to get it without leaving your home and then attach it to PayPal.

Payment system PayPal, how to make an electronic card?

Electronic Wallet with PayPal

It is not difficult to register in the system. After switching to registration, you will need to select an account type:

Payment system PayPal, how to make an electronic card?

The best option is the Primer, since it can be used not only to pay, but also to accept money. However, if you plan to use PayPal exclusively for purchases, you can choose “Personal”. Click "Open an account", a form opens that you need to fill out:

Payment system PayPal, how to make an electronic card?

It is best to fill in the form in Cyrillic, since most foreign projects cannot recognize the Russian language or translate incorrectly. In the next step, you will need to enter the details of the card whose account will be used for payment. The final step will be to confirm registration by mail.

How to make an electronic card?

You can not use real cards to attach to PayPal, since you can create an electronic version in other payment systems.

For example, you can do this through QIWI or Yandex. Money, where such a function is provided. The card account will be integrated with the e-wallet balance, so you just need to deposit money into your e-wallet to pay via PayPal.

For example, you can open a card through QIWI and enter its data in PayPal. When paying through this payment system, the money will simply be debited from your QIWI wallet and you will not have to perform any additional functions.

Why PayPal if you have a card?

If the project accepts PayPal for payment, then it’s most likely that there is functionality to pay with VISA or MasterCard. In this case, PayPal is an extra protection. Information has already appeared on the network more than once when hackers hacked various online stores and obtained data on customer cards.

If you pay not with a card, but through PayPal, no data is transferred to the owners of virtual stores, and there have not yet been PayPal burglary cases and they are unlikely to ever appear, since this is one of secure resources.

Payment system PayPal is one of the very first, which was the main reason for its mass distribution. Subsequently, the payment system bought the company Ebay, which is currently its owner.

The service continues to evolve, and new opportunities are gradually emerging for users from Russia, so be sure to open an account with PayPal.

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