Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

There are a lot of promising ways to earn money on the Internet. One of them is the construction of referral networks. You invite people to different sites, and for their activity you are paid interest. The scheme is extremely simple and common, but do not confuse it with the financial pyramids.

Watch a video about my earnings in Payeer affiliate program. Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars!

Affiliate program - earnings on referrals with this payment system brings a good income. The service is stable, this is its main advantage, because in this type of earnings there is a calculation for the long term. Rewards come small, but over time they are collected in a decent amount.

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

What is a Payeer and why is it worth making money with this payment?

The international payment system is used for exchange , transfer, receiving electronic money. Registration is free, the account is maintained in several national currencies. Every day the audience of users expands, and developers make the interface even more convenient.

Here you will be able to attract referrals , referring to various advantages of the project:

  • there are no limits for internal operations of the payment system;
  • you can make transfers on contacts, even if the person is not yet registered with Payer;
  • the payment offers the highest limits for withdrawing money to the cards;
  • a huge selection of replenishment methods, including cards issued in 200 countries;
  • currency is automatically converted when performing transactions;
  • easily and conveniently exchange money for other payment systems;
  • there is an official application for Android;
  • the service is already used by businessmen, in particular, for receiving payment;
  • you can order a Payeer Platinum MasterCard card with an integrated balance.

Creating a wallet takes less than a minute, only e-mail is required. Anyone new to this will figure it out. In addition, the site is available in several languages, so you can even invite foreigners. Now e-currency Payeer accepts a huge number of sites and their list is rapidly expanding.

Terms of the referral program Payeer

The payment system charges a fee for each operation. Part of this profit developers distribute between partners. Thus, they invest in advertising and get even more customers.

Only 10% of the commission is transferred to new partners, but this percentage increases, depending on the total amount of referral transactions:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

Maximum deductions amount to 25% , in order to achieve this level, referrals must conduct operations totaling over $ 150,000 . It takes a lot of time, but at the same time it is possible to earn income from another 6 ref levels. system. Here, deductions vary from 1% to 5%:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

As you may already guess, it is advantageous to look for not only users of the payment system, but also partners. If your referrals actively attract new members, the network will begin to expand without your efforts. Judging by the requests related to the affiliate program Payeer, interest in this earnings is high.

How to register with the Payeer affiliate program?

The payment system does not use additional sites. To connect to the referral system, simply register a wallet. After authorization, the section "Your Referrals" will be available in your account:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

Not only statistics are displayed here. Top shows the level and percentage of deductions. I have attracted almost 3000 referrals, and the total turnover of their operations exceeds $ 160,000. Therefore, the maximum level has already been reached:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

As you can see, referral links of various formats are offered here. Until reaching the last level, this page displays the following status and requirements for obtaining it:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

Even if you receive 10% of referral transactions, it is still favorable conditions. Some users transfer tens of thousands of rubles several times a day. If you are lucky to attract entrepreneurs and experienced moneymakers to the team, the revenues will be impressive.

How to withdraw money from the Payeer affiliate program?

It is strange that users ask this question. The fact is that all rewards for the referral program come directly to the wallet. About this alert, in real time, after the transaction and payment of the commission, the partner instantly receives his percentage:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

Only 3 pennies came from one of the operations. Someone will say that this is not enough, but it is necessary to take into account how many times such alerts come each day. One of my referrals in total brought more than 5,000 rubles .All this money was transferred to a Payeer wallet, from where it can be withdrawn in a variety of ways:

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

Funds from the wallet are easily and quickly changed to other electronic money, displayed on cards, even on them you can buy bitcoins. With the conclusion of the affiliate program, Payer has no problems, because it does not use third-party balances.

How much can I earn from Payeer referrals?

The question is difficult because I myself do not know how much referrals brought me. You can statistically try to calculate the total income from users, but there are almost 3000 of them, you have to spend too much time. I told all about this and showed my statistics in a video:

One thing I can say for sure, the conditions are favorable. Let the rewards come scanty, but there are a lot of them. In addition, active users will continue to conduct operations or attract new members. How much will I bring ref. network a few years later, it's hard to even guess.

How to attract a lot of referrals to a Payeer?

There are many ways to distribute referral links. There are paid and free options, and decide which ones to use. The more actively you act, the more registrations you collect.

To beginners, we recommend the following methods:

  1. Tasks in boxes - many moneymakers started with executing orders on mailers (himself among them). In the long run, such referrals are profitable.
  2. Advertising in browser extensions - newbies earn on banner views through and advertising costs a penny there.
  3. Advertising on cranes - look for cranes with Payeer distribution (various services for this payment order) and order your banner placement on them.
  4. Forums are a free way, create topics, share something, discuss problems, talk about an affiliate program, and so on.
  5. Comments on websites - look for thematic articles (about electronic money) and leave a link in the comments.
  6. Social networks - there are many opportunities here, starting with personal recommendations, ending with the promotion of their groups on the topic of electronic money.

Often, newcomers are advised to invest in banner, contextual, teaser ads. The sense of this will be, but it is much better to invest in your own project. Let it be a channel on YouTube or a simple blog, if the site is a little unwind, it will consistently lead referrals.

No money and knowledge? Use designer Ucoz. Through it in a couple of minutes you will create a full-fledged website absolutely free of charge and you can upload your articles, videos, other content.

As you can already guess, I pour traffic to the Payeer affiliate from my blog. I think this is the perfect way to recruit a referral team. Moreover, many requests are connected with Peyer and you can come up with a lot of ideas for posts or videos.

Payeer Affiliate Earnings Turnover referrals 164 thousand dollars

Affiliate Program Payeer

There are more positive reviews about the payment system itself, but there are also negative ones. Some consider it not safe and secure. This is partly due to the lack of mandatory verification, as on similar sites. For several years of using the Payer wallet, I personally had no problems.

About affiliate program reviews appear extremely rarely, after reading a few of them, I found out that many referrers are surprised at the low activity of attracted people. They say that only 5% -10% of the team brings income.

It all depends on the methods used, if these are only tasks in the boxes, then why be surprised? Mostly people will only register for a one-time reward.

Other affiliate programs for making money on referrals

In order for income from referral systems to be impressive, you need to use several projects at the same time. Only one person can register on your link at once on 10 sites. It is only necessary to convince him of the need to do this by presenting some benefits.

Team recruitment is a painstaking business, it takes a long time to work. You cannot earn quick money on this, rely only on prospects. In the future, active referrals may not only conduct more operations, but also help expand the network by inviting new members.

By the standards of experienced referrals, my figure of 3000 attracted clients is modest. On the same Wmmail I have more than 100,000 referrals . The payment system is not just a simple service, a crane or an axle box, this is a more serious project.

Collecting even small percentages here you can really make money, and most importantly, in the future you will not have to do anything. Referrals are fixed for life.

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